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New URLs for DARWINs

Today we have made a number of changes to the URLs of DARWINs pages.

1. URLs with tickers

DARWIN page URLs don’t carry numbers after the ticker anymore. If you go to the URL with the ticker, we will always show the current version of the DARWIN:

Old URLs with numbers automatically redirect to new ones. If you’re linking to your DARWINs on your website or social networks you don’t have to do anything.

2. Checkout is default for anonymous visitors

On the other hand, now if an anonymous user accesses the page of a DARWIN, by default we redirect him to the checkout landing.

If you want to share the internal page of the platform with someone not registered, you have to use the parameter ‘detail_view=true’:

3. Previous versions

If you want to see a specific version of a DARWIN, you can write in the URL the parameter ‘version’:

Where 3 = VaR 20%; 4 = VaR 10% (current)

I hope you find these changes useful and please share any feedback you have!