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NFP - GanarconDarwinex

Hi fellow traders and investors. I would like to introduce you my Darwin NFP.


I will copy and paste the introduction I made about myself in my previous Darwin KPM here in the community forum:


KPM had 30.000$ in AUM and 15 investors.
I started to trade in a bad way i think due to the added pressure of having so much investors in so little time.
The Darwin had a big drawdown and all investors went away.
The Var had gone to almost 50% and I thought It was time to start a new strategy. So after a few months resting from the markets, I opened a new account on April 2018 and started a new strategy.


The strategy behind the Darwin NFP is called HighProbabilityLD2.
It is a manual strategy, based only in technical analysis. It is not a martingale or a hedging strategy edited 26-05-2019————> since i have increased my equity to more than 10.000€, now i will be taking several positions averaging the price. This is just one of my tools of trading and i will do it only when certain market conditions are met.
I trade on Forex, commodities (gold) and indices.
I am a firm believer of the KYS (Keep It Simple) philosophy. I only have ONE position open at a time always with a stop loss and take profit.

I like to cut losses soon so i am in full control of my losses. usually my reward/risk ratio is 2-1 or 3-1.


The equity of NFP as you can see is about 289€ at the moment. At the beginning i deposited 260€. Many of you would think that it is too little amount. I choose that amount deliberately due to practical purposes. This way, y trade only with 0.01 lots on every trade and it is much easy for me so i do not have to calculate the trading size every time i open a position.
Also many of you would think that i trade with so little money because i do not have confidence in my strategy. That is not true… I have plenty of confidence in my strategy. Right now i have invested in my own strategy more than 12.000€ at an average price of 109.51.

I want NFP to be my private pension fund, so i that i will continue to invest money on my own darwin every month.
edit 26-05-2109———> Now my equity is above 10.000€


The main target of NFP is to get an anual return of 20 to 25% with a low drawdown. It should never be above 15%.
I want NFP to be a stable darwin, with no big peaks and valleys.
Currently i am under “on fire” and “promising” filters.

So that is all. Feel free to ask me everything you want and i will try to answer you.
For the spanish readers you can also check my blog and this post where i talk about NFP.


This new Darwin has started off really well. As you indicate, try to maintain a smooth attitude constantly, whatever the outcome. It’s when you get it that you do the best surgery. Congratulations on this new stage which I hope will continue for a long time to come. :blush:

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Hey @Chema01 thank you for your words! I keep on learning everyday in this world of trading. I think now i can deal much better with losses than i did in the past. :grinning:

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Hi @ganarcondarwinex,
a very “old” trader / investor, since “happy people” … on darwinex! all the best to new project. and if you permit 3 simple suggestions from a non professional:

  1. do what you promise, you can have success if you do it!., maybe not doing it kill your previously projects.
  2. concentrate in maximum 3 instruments!
  3. increase average win pips / average loss.
    wish you all the best to your new darwin ( nice curve…)

@OldSchoolPT thank you for your suggestions! i will take them very seriously.

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That is all for the week, 2.10% in this week and 19.38% in total.


Wish you all a great weekend!


##** August is over**

+8.62% for the month and +0.85% for the week.
Total return:20.39%
D-Score: 38.81
Best regards!


WEEK IS OVER :grinning:

No more trading for me this week.
This week not much opportunities for my trading, so i had to be patient… Only traded 3 days.
+1.59% for the week.
D-Score: 39.24
Darwin included in theese filters: On fire and Promising

Wish you a happy weekend!!


NFP D-Score

Today NFP reached a D-Score above 40 for the fist time. I know it is not a great score but now i am only half way of reaching a D-Score of 80 :blush:

Update in my investment in NFP

I would like to comment here that right now i have a profit of 1.684€ on my investment in my Darwin NFP. When i reach a profit of 2.000€ i will sell and immediately buy back to take advantage of the 2X leverage. This way i will be able to invest 2000€ more on NFP to more than 14.000€ from the 12.185€ i have invested right now.

Best regards.


Congratulations on this great milestone!

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Congratulations on the results! For now, try not to make substantial changes as it is working very very well. The most important parameters, including risk management, have a perfect evolution… :blush:


Update in my investment in my Darwin NFP

As you can see my Darwin is in a little drawdown since its highs, so i thought it was a good moment to increase my investment in it.
So i have just invested 6.092€ more at a quote of 119.34.

As you can see, my total amount invested in my own Darwin is now 18.277€ at an average quote of 112.79.

Best regards!


Hi and congratulations for your Darwin.
I’m very new to Darwinex, may I ask you why you invest in your own Darwin instead of increasing the amount of your account?


Thank you very much @TheProfitableDuck.
I prefer investing in my Darwin because i want to have low equity in my strategy account so i do not have to do many calculations related to money management. This way i only trade with the same size on each trade, in my case 0.01 lots.
Also i like to invest in my Darwin because in my strategy account i have a Var lower than 10% (at the moment at about 7%), and that means that in my darwin all my profits and losses will be greater than in my strategy account. This way, for example, if i win 1% in my strategy account that will translate into a 1.35% win in my Darwin.
And one last reason to invest in my Darwin is because that way i can take advantage of the 2x leverage that Darwinex offers.
Best regards!


Thanks a lot, very clear.
Good luck :slight_smile:



This week NFP celebrated its first birthday.
A few things have happened since my last update:

  1. I invested 7.000€ more on the 11 of February at a quote of 114.40. So now i have invested in my own Darwin a little more than 25.000€ at an average quote of 113.23.

  2. I also deposited more money into my strategy account so that i have now more than 10.000€ from the 280€ i had previously. This way i will be able to have the entire prize from the Darwinia competition in case i win any prize.

  3. Now that i have an equity over 10.000€, i will implement also long term trades in my account. This is having a great impact in my capacity score. It has gone from 0.7 to almost 5.

  4. I have had a remarkable rise in my Var,from 10 to almost 40. Now i am trying to lower it back to its previous levels. As a consequence of this rise, my quote has barely moved in the last month.

And those are all the new events from my last update.
I hope the quote will have more movement as soon as my Var goes to a much lower figures, so i have to be patient now.
Best regards and have a good weekend!



So finally after a huge drop in my Var my Darwin´s quote has started to move again.
The Var figure stands now below 2% and i expect it to be even lower in the near future.

As you can see the drop in the Var has been really huge since my last deposit in my strategy account (10.000€). Following that Var drop, my Rs score has gone down significantly, affecting my overall Darwinex Score.

Another remarkable event is that my Darwin´s quote is at an all time high.

Darwin NFP

My earnings from my investments in my own Darwin are now almost 3.500€, having paid (to myself :slight_smile:) 623€ in perfomance fees.

Have a nice weekend!


It would be nice that Darwinex publishes some documentation / webinar / help about the management of the VaR / Deposit / Withdrawal set that is very sensitive to handle.


Yes, totally agree.
I knew it will happen (That huge drop in the Var) and i chose to do it the rough way (deposit the whole 10.000€ in one time).
I think a guide about Var and all related topics to it ( how it will affect new deposits, how long will it take the adjustment etc) would be very useful.


Why the huge drop in VaR?
Did you not increase your position size as you increased the balance?