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NKF - Presentation

Greetins Darwinex Community,

I’m the trader under Darwin NKF. I am passionate about trading and investing since 2014 while studying International Economics at University. This is a secondary job for me and i do it part time because i think that having a stable income is useful to have the right mindset to trade well and without excessive pressions.
I started making discretionary trading from 2014 to 2017 with fluctuating results. In 2017 i have attended some courses, seminars, webinars, and have read lot of books; then i moved to systematic and algorithmic trading.
At the end of 2017 i started here in Darwinex but my learning curve was still in progress, especially about risk and portoflio management, so i did a lot of mistakes…but i think that it’s all experience!
In 2018 and 2019 i did a lot of studies and tests; i believe in continuos studying and research.
Passion and reponsability guide me to doing well and to grow day by day.

The portfolio is composed by many and different “automatic” strategies and also different time frames beacuse i think that diversification is very important.
There are breakout volatility, mean reverting, swing and bias strategies that works togheter to stabilize the performances (B.O. strategies are more predominant); the instruments are mainly currencies (i try to choose decorrelates currencies where it is possible), the other part is on indices and commodities.
I have also a rotational system that help me to periodically adjuste the portfolio “manually” adding, changing or removing systems even maintaining the control of the risk and DD as well.
The aim is to generate an average net gain (net of commissions and slippage costs) between 10 and 30 % per year with a DD around 15-20% max. I test all the systems using hisorycal data and before using it, i have to make sure that it can do well also in demo.

I hope that you enjoy my description and sorry for my english if i made errors.
Thanks to everyone for your time.

Disclaimer: This topic does not constitute investment advice and should not be considered as such.



Welcome to the community Giovanni.
Your recovery is being really good, nice behavior and great performance. Keep it up, Darwinex and the investors will need you… :smiley:


Welcome indeed Giovanni ! @Lexordie
Nice presentation and very honest as well.
Keep us updated throughout your journey!

I wish you all the best with your Darwin! :+1:

Kind regards.


Welcome! Congratulations to your recent DarwinIA allocations (February and March 2020). Two in a row!


Hi Giovanni!

I wish you a long and fruitful journey here on Darwinex :darwinex:

Good luck!


Thank you guys! :wink:

Try to do my best


Good luck Giovanni, wish you all the best