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NMM - Pedroml

Dear investors and traders,

I would like to present to you my philosophy of speculation which I apply in my Darwin called NMM . I am delighted to be able to participate in this community.

I have been trading for 17 years and lived many exciting experiences. I am passionate about trading and apart from presenting my Darwin would also be very interested in exchanging information and opinions.

In the current state of financial markets, the classic investment / speculation paradigm has been wiped out of the map, machines and unbeatable algorithms are the owners of modern speculation introducing a new agent on the scene who eliminates and removes the retail trader from the market: randomness.

How to defend against randomness and unbeatable machines ?.

My weapons are two: the low leverage and the high margin in the account.

I base my trading on trying to give greater importance to management than to trade location, not basing the entry on timing as a linear time but as does the Institution, mercantile time. Many few do a lot, I ask for little to the price and if you ask little always the price will take care of you.
I always try to close all operations in the day and my goal is to balance any operation that is open, always keeping the risk and the drow down under control. My trading is discretionary / manual using various trading philosophies such as price / momentum trading, order book reading, tape reading and auction theory.

  • I use as trading tools:
  • Platform:

Ninja trader 8

  • Tools:

Reading tape:

Order Book Reading:

Price action:

Theory of the auction:


I use combined strategies, trading philosophies and thinking of:

Dirk Du Toit
Richard Olsen
Mark Slobodnik
Benoit Mandelbrot
Dan Ariely
Daniel Kahneman

In what assets do I operate ?:

By regression to the mean, we exclusively operate currency pairs (FOREX), namely:


I mainly operate EURUSD

And my secret weapon:

Thank you very much for your time and I will be happy to solve any doubts that you have both traders and investors, if I can be of help to improve your trading count with me. Regards!



Welcome to my community portfolio !


Hello @Pedroml,

Thank you for your superb presentation of your Darwin.

I am one of your satisfied investor for a few days

I add a useful graphic, which unfortunately is not yet available on the platform, is that of Darwin with visualization of the date of IPO:

It’s interesting, because it looks like the volatility of your Darwin has been smoothed since the IPO.

Max. Investment 72.88MM

At least there should be NMM for everyone :wink:

An absolutely essential element of Darwinex is that you must monitor the stability of your VaR like milk on the fire.

With a VaR corridor between 30 and 40% you have everything good in my opinion, but it must be maintained at this level.


Hello @Medialux,

Thank you very much for your confidence. The strategy is defensive against randomness of the market and although it maintains the short and long legs (hedging) there are times when random walks or shakeouts can affect the quote as I work these unexpected market events giving more weight to either of the two legs (Short or long) maintaining a healthy negative float.

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Hi Pedro,

The trading is hard activity. Thx for your presentation.

Your tools are great…but your management, position after position is very bad (for me).

You lost (in %, in money) more than you won ! It’s really a problem for a trader.

See your excursions

But your EC is superb even if your reward:risk ratio is smallest than 1.

I will pick ONLY strategies with RR>1 and Chaotic Equity Curves.

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Hello @TheCheetah

As I say in the first post, I follow Dirk Du Toit: “Lets losses run and cuts profits”, the traditional trading paradigm based on the trade location or the timing of the entry is doomed.
I think in a way contrary to the herd and I do trading against the masses and with the Institution.

Best regards.

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The use of hedging may disrupt the validity of certain metrics.

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Ther are systems with high RR and systems with low RR of trades.
What matters is the RAR of the strategy (Calmar).
Annualized return and risk.


Hola Pedroml, hay un grupo en Telegram de usuarios españoles llamado DARWINEX ESTUDIO DARWINS con más de 400 usuarios que estarían encantados, como yo, de tenerte para comentar sobre tu estrategia, etc.

Un saludo

I apologize the rest of users for using Spanish language.



Estaría encantado de hablar de trading y poder compartir mi experiencia. Me acabo de registrar en Telegram pero no se cómo encontraros.


I will be pleased to talking about trading and sharing my experience. I have just registered in Telegram but I don’t know how I can find you

Please type only messages in English so everyone can take part in the discussion.

Thank you!

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Well, IMHO, it’s information useful only for spanish speakers. They are talking about an spanish channel of Telegram chat program. I write this message to inform about that…

Thank you! See, you posted this in English and everyone did understand it now :slight_smile:


After a horrible week for my portfolio, I must say that NMM is a glimmer of hope in an ocean of disappointment.

Congratulations for your work. Continue like this :wink:


Hello Medialux,

Thank you very much for your words. I always try to give my best to my investors. It has been a tough week due to the volatility and randomness of the market shaken by the ECB, FED and NFP news. This coming week will be just as tough or more with the final decision of the FED to increase interest rates given the favorable employment data, Tuesday’s US retail sales will give us a definitive clue. Anyway, you do not always win, a negative week will come. The important thing is not to make money some time but over time…



Hi Peter, I just found out that you’ve left the Group and, sure, you can have your motives. I appreciate your contributions (for me unknown) and I do continue with your Darwin. A greeting

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If we study the ‘DARWIN RISK ADJUSTMENT’ tab over time, it is very interesting to note a very clear improvement on the exposure corrected by the risk manager.

The chart of the evolution of VaR is excellent. Even if we have to weigh this up by the fact that his IPO is recent.

I would say that there are indications that the trader does not just trade, but that he is attentive to the specific environment of Darwinex.

Where then he is very lucky and his trading naturally fits into the Darwinex environment.

Given the number of good Darwins who suddenly suffer for example from a fall in strategy VaR, or poor scalability, monitoring the compatibility of the strategy with the Darwinex environment becomes a major issue.


Even if you are a graduated trader you need to undergraduate in Darwinex!


Another good week for NMM.

Although normally such a nice equity curve is a warning signal, and that obviously it seems too good to be true, I still find it is a very interesting Darwin. And if @Pedroml manages to keep the distance, he is well on the way to becoming a ‘blue chip’ of the Darwin Exchange.

@Pedroml, can you can specify the capital of the trading account ?

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