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No more than 3 consecutive replies are allowed

Dear All,

The examples of @Chema01 or @VolcanoFX come to mind (no criticism is intended :slightly_smiling_face:).

They post, many times consecutively, and they don’t seem to experience any restrictions.

How can it be that some forum users can post many times in a row and others cannot? :thinking:



Hmmm, let us look into this…

So, the difference between the users you mention and the situation you’ve experienced is that they are the " topic owners". When you start a topic, you can post as many times as you like consecutively. Otherwise, there’s a limit of 3 consecutive replies.

@DominionCuentas In your case would editing your previous reply be a solution or is it a different use case?


OK thanks. That’s great to know! :+1:t2:

As you might suspect, I was asking because sometimes I upload jokes to the Trading Humour topic and, if instead of creating a new reply I edit the last post… nobody will know about it. And eventually the topic ends up getting lost for good.

@CavaliereVerde kindly “supplied” me with three shots more so I will make use of those for now :grinning:

In the end I guess people will decide for themselves whether they want to keep the topic alive or not… :grimacing:

Thank you! :wave:t2:


If you edit your last post, the Topic is set to the first rank in the ‘Latest’ list. I just tested it :wink:


For the sake of maintaining the topic with trading memes live, you can always count on fellow community members like @CavaliereVerde or myself so that you don’t have to fear to “throw away your shot”.