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Novice here, what do you think about my portfolio

Greetings from Turkey! I recently discovered this great platform, Darwinex. Nowadays, I started to play around demo and practicing filters, backtests, and in general, Darwins… I am planning to invest around 1k and BUY and HOLD (5 Darwins, 200 dollars each)

I came up with this portfolio lately, what do you think about it?


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I personaly do not invest in Darwins yet, I am a trader but considering doing it in the near future.

  1. IMO FSK looks like suicider, if wou check his other Darwins like WWT or WWZ, they have a super high VAR and underlying strategy has DD over 92%. However it looks like that he has been trying to lower his risk recently. Mayba I am wrong but from my past experience I wouldnt consider this as sustainable Darwin to invest unless I would hear from him explanation in this forum what happen to other 2 Darwins.

  2. HFD - even he wrotes in description that he doesnt use martingale but his return/risk chart with long shadows looks like he uses some sort of martingale/grid strategy. In underlying stratategy you can see that in DD times levarege and number of positions were increasing - so it looks like its increasing exponentionaly risk while TP stays unchanged and this method might look as well as not sustaibale, time shows…

  3. XSD dont know this one but looks fine to me

  4. YZF - looks finr to me as well I migt consider to wait for DD - drawdown and then buy it,
    nobody wants to buy it on the top and lot of investors do it. Buying on the top and selling on low and thats why they are not profitable

  5. ZXV - I was not able to find this Darwin, are you sure that it is ZXV?

I can tell you my experience, when I came first time here last year in May ± I invested through DEMO investor account and picked up Darwins what looked like super above average. Here are the names:

From these only SYO is up 12% since I bought him, DLF was fail of the year where is down 45% since bought and other I would say its too early to say however I am in minus with them ranging from 10-22%.

Fortunately, lesson was learned here through demo investor account and not with real money. So I would focus more on Darwins with longer history here on Darwinex and sustainable results, not on those who have been here for few months with 80% return per year. And second thing would be patience - waiting for DD, I bought all those Darwins in time when they were on TOP with highest D-score etc. D-score is nice but it only reflects very recent performance. Waiting for DD just makes sense, at least my losses would be limited by now.

Hope it helps.

Good luck


@MinvestAIcapital he meant ZXW


I dont like it but that does not matter. What matters most is you to spend at least 6 months or a year playing around with a demo portfolio and reading this forum. Otherwise you are gambling. If I was you I would start reading @CavaliereVerde threads/posts.


I second @asder34. Don’t hurry, because that way you will just end up losing money. Take your time, play around in Demo, read community posts, and in time you will get a pretty good understanding.

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Hello @Karayel,

Welcome on board :slight_smile: !

@Karayel meant ZXW.

Didn’t see your previous answer, sorry :slight_smile: !

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It easy to select the best of the past, these are clearly some of the best darwins… for 2018… :wink:
Backtestng is like betting on a race when you already know the winner.

Often what performed above averege one year perform below average the next year.

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Try to find darwins with “healthy engine”,not only with beautiful exterior. @MinvestAIcapital already pointed you in this direction.


Good day,
Answering your questions.
Good trading and investment to @MinvestAIcapital and investment to @Karayel !


I think you portfolio should be in profit