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NTI – Winnetou

Please post any questions you might have regarding Winnetou’s Trading Strategy.


Winnetou is a fully automated Trading System scalping Retracements in major trends on the EUR/USD and GBP/USD. You will find useful information on the strategy in this blog post as well:


This Trading had prolongued periods of drawdown in the past an will have drawdown in the future. Please be patient if you do invest with us. Don’t pull your money immediately if we are experiencing a drawdown as buying high and selling low is guaranteed to lose you money.


You can view 4 years+ of live trading history on our myfxbook reference accounts and here on Darwinex:
Myfxbook Reference Accounts
NTI underlying strategy - Winnetou
This should provide you with a good insight on how the equity curve of this strategy is looking and build trust in Winnteou’s ability to recover from drawdowns.


Here is the direct link to our Darwin if you decide to invest with us. Darwin NTI


Having procrastinated since January buying your Darwin is a major failure of the management of my real portfolio :frowning:

Looking back, I have no excuse.

Yet on my demo portfolio I had just.


Just a quick information. Our Expert will not be trading GBP for the time being until I have reassessed the situation. I don’t usually intervene manually, however this is a special situation.

At the time the spike occured Winnetou automatically stoped trading due to the “bad tick” filter in place. This is one of the very rare case scenarios where the expert is waiting for my expertise to decide what to do :wink:

Just fyi a screen from one of my accounts:


I noticed that despite your low scalability score and an high AUM you still have a positive divergence.
How do you explain that?

Some traders also provide their strategy on a couple of other platforms. Some might even have sold an expert advisor. So you never know for sure how big the AUM is.

I am exclusively offering this strategy at Darwinex and additionally only trade it on my private/family members accounts. This means an additional ~300K AUM. However, those accounts are traded with significantly lower leverage than the NTI Darwin. Currently I would say the Darwin’s leverage is around 3-4 times higher.

Other than that the scalability score is still only an approximation. You can’t know for sure how much AUM a strategy can stand until you get there :slight_smile:

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Between the lines I read that you suspect people with very bad divergence to use algos commercially available. :wink:
I don’t want to steal your tricks but I was curious to know if you have something in your code to prevent negative slippage and so negative divergence.

Unfortunately I don’t have some secret code that is able to avoid negative slippage. Only thing you can do is trying to enter and exit contrarian to market direction (limit orders). However, depending on the strategy that’s not always possible.

Other than that I am monitoring execution and slippage behaviour of my brokers. No need to trade with brokers who are giving you excessive slippage (and maybe keeping some of that for themselves :smiling_imp:)


As every year my experts go into winter sleep starting today. So don’t expect any trades before jan 05 2017.
Happy Holidays everyone! :slight_smile:


Merry Xmas to you and your experts :wink:

We look fwd to a happy & successful new year!!


An honour to finally meet you today Great @KlondikeFX :slight_smile: Thank you for coming!

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Hi @KlondikeFX. Could you please update us on the status of this Darwin? It has been dormant since Darwinex Reloaded. Thanks in advance.

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Indeed the Darwin has not traded since March 29. However, this is perfectly normal. EUR/USD is very choppy at the moment and if there are no clear entry signals, the algorithm won’t enter a trade. Besides the trade frequency is reduced as currently, we are not trading GBP/USD on the main account since October 16.

I have decided not to restart GBP/USD trading for the time being and I will reevaluate the situation from month to month from now on. Just for your interest, this could have been the performance on GBP/USD if we had continued to trade cable on NTI.

Let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:


IMO you know some secret to beat negative divergence. :wink:


Just a quick line @KlondikeFX

As an investor in NTI, its consistency in recent times is truly and utterly infuriating (that’s a compliment)… I want to rebalance in NTI’s favour, but it just won’t give me a flipping dip to do so… :slight_smile:

Keep up the greatness brother :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it and I am enjoying the ride as well. I am sure you will get your dip sooner or later. I wouldn’t mind if the upswing would last another couple of weeks, months or years though :smiley:

On a side note, GBP/USD is still disabled as its behaviour isn’t satisfying. I will probably resume trading cable in Q3 with reduced risk (if nothing unexpected happens).
For the time being, I expect trade frequency staying on the low side (as per the last months) as EUR/USD isn’t moving a lot and we are still out of cable.


p.s. Aww… thanks for the brief dip, lovely gesture, you shouldn’t have… :wink: :thumbsup: I was waiting impatiently and got back in first thing.


I’m a little worried because I see that a week or more ago that you do not operate. Which is the reason?

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no need to worry. The Darwin is operating as normal. It has traded last week and is in a trade as of now. However, you are right a little update is overdue. The behaviour of GBP/USD seems to have stabilized since my last post so we are trading Cable again since October - although with reduced risk.

I have also used the current drawdown to top up my Darwinex reference account to 10k+.
It’s been a bumpy last couple of months with some missed good trades and also a couple of full stop loss trades for the Darwin. Nothing out of the usual though and as annoying as drawdowns are I haven’t found a way to trade without them, unfortunately :slight_smile:


You rock, @KlondikeFX!


As every year my experts go into hibernation from December 15th until January 5th. The year started out great but we are facing a little drawdown now as October has been a horrible month for the strategy.

GBP/USD has yielded some small returns since we have resumed trading in October. I will probably slowly increase the risk to pre-Brexit levels over the next year.

A big thank you to all investors still hanging in there with me and a merry Christmas to all of you! :christmas_tree: :gift: