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Number of bought contracts in MT5

Is it possible to buy 1 single SPX500 contract using MT5? In the darwinex help it says that it is possible to buy 1 contract, but then it says that the contract size is 10 X SPX500, so I’m not sure to understand.

I’m trying to manually buy a specific number of contracts in MT5, but I don’t get how to do it:

I have $10.000 in the demo account. I’d like to buy 4 SPX500 contracts (so, almost no leverage, as each contract is currently around $2580). In the MT5 interface I’m allowed only to put 1 lot, which translates to a volume of 10 contracts:

Then, in the darwinex underlying strategy it says that it has been D-Leveraged around 6.x


  1. I don’t get the calculations. If I have done 10 SPX500 contracts then it should be leveraged around 2.5 or something like that. If 1 contract==$2580, then 10 contracts ==$25800. If I have $10000 in the account, why it isn’t 2.5 D-leveraged?

  2. Is there some way to manually introduce 4 contracts (to avoid leverage)? I can’t put for instance 0.1 in the MT5 interface.

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Hm, iirc dleverage is calculated from EURUSD volatility? So direct leverage even with a single asset != dleverage. Maybe I’m wrong.

About contract size, same on mt4. So if I want to trade 1 contract, I trade 0.1 size. If you can’t go below 1.0, then I don’t know


May be it is just not allowed in darwinex to trade 0.1 for SPX500 :?


Yep, I know that. Actually I want to trade 1 single contract (well, 4) and MT5 doesn’t allow me to do that. That’s what I don’t understand. May be the “Min. size (contracts)” means actually Lots?

Min. size is 1; that is the minimum you can trade. Multiply by Contract size = x10, so effective minimum trade size is 10 contracts, what means 1 in MT5.

Hope you understand


Thanks a lot. Perfectly understood now!


Hi @NemesisCraze ,

Just to clarify a bit.

Contract size 10xSPX500 means “a contract value is 10 times the S&P500 current price”.

For a price of $2.580, one lot equals to $25.800. :grin: