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Number of Darwins in DarwinIA

Hi all,

How come the All Darwins page shows 2,415 Darwins while the DarwinIA page shows 4,468?
I thought that DarwinIA leaderboard would’ve been smaller than the All Darwins list since some Darwins are excluded due to correlation with other Darwins…

Is this just a display bug?




In darwinia you have also inactive darwins, darwins that aren’t trading for 2 months.


That’s very odd (or better said: superfluous), since that ranking is being reset every month :smiley:

Shouldn’t a Darwin be included in DarwinIA only after the first trade decision made each month?
I guess here comes an additional question:

If a Darwin has only one trade open, and it has been open for more than 4 months, and there’s no other activity on that Darwin, what would be the Regularity score? 0 or 100?

0 and by the way with 0% return the Rating is 0 .
Yes it is odd but maybe ther is a reason not obvious for us.

Return would not necessarily be 0% as DarwinIA is showing floating returns too which constantly change.
But yea, if the Regularity would be 0 instead of 100, then there’s no way such a Darwin would end up in the Top 80 :slightly_smiling_face:

From The formula of the DarwinIA rating:

In order to obtain a 100% in Regularity, a DARWIN’s market exposition in the current month must reach at least its average market exposition in the previous 3 months. Market exposition for Regularity gets calculated in the same way it gets calculated for the Experience attribute.