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Numbers formatting


This is something that was already “bothering” me a tad before and now with Reloaded, too many numbers everywhere makes me think about it again.

  1. use standard english type thousands separator, like in Excel
    So that 450670.35 becomes 450,670.35 and we get less headaches from reading 6 and 7 figures all around :wink:

  2. round some unit numbers
    So that 0.0% becomes 0% at least …and eventually (maybe not) 12.00% > 12% too
    It would leave a cleaner impression



Agree with that, its a bit annoying to see the investor quantity of some Darwins…


Same for capital amounts, for instance, DarwinIA prizes. They all read xxxxxx.00 which is unsignificant since there are never decimals tied to those amounts

Same for the 0.00% on the perf tables of Darwins who have stopped trading since a couple of month. 0% would feel neater to read

Same remark everywhere


Any news about this?
It shoud be quite easy to fix…

After more than a month from Reloaded we still have:

  • too many decimals
  • no thousands separator

I will ask the developers :slight_smile:


Missed this topic when it first opened but I 100% agree, 6 digit numbers with no separators (mostly in investor/Darwina amounts on Darwins) are impossible to read. Especially if you have to have the page zoomed to 75% to be able to see the full screen because of the scaling, makes some of the numbers pretty tiny!


Happy to see this implemented…amazing how this simple adjustment changes the look of the platform.


Agreed, its so much easier to read. I hadn’t noticed the comma’s but I had noticed it was all suddenly way easier to read. Now I’ve noticed why. Well done guys! :grin:


After more than 2 years we still have useless decimals .
Nothing urgent but IMO it would look more professional.