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NUN - ReverbingWave

I´m proud to unleash, after the pipomanic NIB, my latest weapon of financial mass destruction:
While NIB is a pure day-trader, NUN goes for the big moves on a swing and longer term time frame and has no time-limit, how long a position might run.
NIB employs simple price action strategies, but NUN analyses the sentiment, in relation to price behavior and identifies sentiment/price discrepancies, where the majority of traders will bleed to death. Initial leverage is lower, than in NIB and risk is higher; to give the positions more room to develop.
This strategy is my dream coming true: A real long-term Forex strategy, with all my experience and attention backing it.
The express pip engine, called NUN, leaves the algos in shell-shock, with its breathtaking pace, so they could only grasp 4.28% for the Darwin, while the strategy sports a lofty 16.40%. But hey, when they get, what is really going on here, the Darwin will hopefully catch up.
This beautiful beast is now at your disposal, as soon as you click TRADE.


NUN shows today a profit since February, of 4.87 %.
It seems, as a mixture of short term and long term positions, works out, to generate a positive cash flow and keep overall risk low.
This strategy is a work in progress to me and I am still curious, how it will evolve.


Early February, out of a mixture of boredom and curiosity, I started a new account on Darwinex, Target was to navigate a FX portfolio, like a HF manager should: Long term and with enough capacity, to attract big AUM. I used my experience from 20 years of day trading, but otherwise I really experimented in all directions. I had the idea, to get BE and some big trends for free. Spoiler: No free lunch. They all fight, to stop you out of your position and succeed eventually. So I narrowed the TF to swing and added some special occasion trades and now my baby is getting traction. Once again, as often in trading: The opposite of right is profitable ™️.
Today the corresponding Darwin sports a YTD performance of 26.38 %
Check it out here: NUN

30% YTD.
Yes, NUN has become my favourite toy and the return/risk chart comes closer to my ideals and aims.
Made some interesting discoveries on the field of position management here and will keep on honing them.

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Caution: Don´t try to “trade” my Darwins! If you did so and made a profit, it was just pure luck.
You don´t know, what I am up to today, nor tomorrow. If you buy my Darwins, please make sure, that you are willing and able, to let go of your beloved bucks for minimum six, better twelve months!
That is the time frame I am aiming at, to show a performance, that satisfies me.

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Yes, i´m here! Could merely find any trades this week, due to extremely low vola.
Regular trading will resume, when things start moving again.

Hello guys, Christmas and year-end are around a corner and I thought maybe I could be among the first with an end-of-year review… :wink:
For reasons of relevance and clarity, I don’t speak about my strategies here, but about the derived Darwins. Those interested in the details, know where to find them…
I started my day-trading NIB in January and swing-trading experiment NUN in February, so it’s not a full year I spent on Darwinex so far, but I already met my performance target of 20% p.a. . 2018 was a very difficult year for me day-trading, due to the lack of volatility for extended periods. I spent many days in a row, watching, without putting on a single trade. Strange, as I describe myself as strict day-trader. As effect of the low vola my day-trading strategy NIB lags behind my swing-trading NUN and phases of inactivity can clearly be seen in my equity curve. I am confident, that volatility will return one day and day-trading will find its justification again.
Over the year I understood, that both my strategies combined, are equally valuable bricks for my account. Like two horses for one carriage: When one gets tired, the other one can compensate for it.

NUN…what can I say. It was a longtime dream, to do something quite opposite to day-trading and run a strategy, like I would as hedge fund manager. So I started this swing/long term experiment in February and at first it looked mediocre, to call it the best, but when I fine-tuned some screws and turned the chart upside down, I found some promising tracks off the woods… I discovered some very fresh things here and am so excited about all the improvements i’m still working on I want to implement over the time.
At this point I want to say, how much I thank my investors, which, despite my still average score, put real money on the table, to show how much they trust their judgment. You guys inspire and empower me very much and I’m so looking forward to the great things that will happen to us next year! Thank you!

A relaxing and inspiring holiday season and a great start 2019 to everyone!

(I copied this text in the thread for NIB too, so no need to click it)


Good effort! I’ve now added NUN to my watchlist!

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Just in case you are wondering, what happened to NUN:
I got flash-crashed in Asia last night.
Painful, but within expectancies.


Your loses are very mild compared to the crash. Keep up the good trading :+1:


Thanks for the warm words! Yes, I was lucky. :slight_smile:

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Official start of spring today.

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Now, that NUN is attacking its alltime highs, I dare to promote it again. :wink:

I am sooo proud of my second Darwinia allocation!
Ranked 55 in March. Thank you!

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This “NUN” is quite provocative :joy::grin:

Congratulations, by the way :ok_hand: !


Thanks mate! :joy:
I don´t know too many english 3-letter-words beginning with “N”…

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Today I found the time, to reflect upon the major drawdown I experienced at the beginning of the year, with the disturbing question, if something were fundamentally wrong with my trading.
At the end of the day, I come up with this:
At the beginning of January I was victim of the Asian flash crash.
Trading was very thin, as usualyl at this time of the year. So I had only very few trades to even out the loss. Volatility decreased even further, so I picked on the few moving pairs and got the wrong end.
Normally my NUN book holds several positions, with different “maturities” so I can realize enough profits over the week, to keep things smooth and floating. These opportunity had disappeared, so I got hit nasty.

Conclusion: A sequence of bad luck, with a suboptimal management.
But: I survived with little damage and things started soon working again as they should.

Optimize: I should have sat back more relaxed and waited for a better trading environment.

Plan for the future: More postions, to scale in and out and generate bigger pip winners.
More trades, when environment is favourable.
Trading more time frames, to generate profits more steadily.


Breaking news for all NUNspotters!
Now with NUN at all-time highs, we can confirm, that the downturn at the beginning of 2019, wasn´t a trend break, like some guessed, but a bull-flag.
Please adjust your actions accordingly! :wink:

And congratulations to all dip-buyers!

Sorry for all whole sellers, better luck next time! :yum:

NUN just earned a 40K Darwinia allocation an earned the “>50%” badge for a short period. That is nice and even more, as the underlying strategies of my three Darwins just earn huge appreciation in other places.


Congratulations @ReverbingWave !