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NZD/JPY swap both negative?

It is not only some end-of-year abnormity. It happens throughout the year. I can compare the swap rates only with ICM, and ICM is far better and more stable (both in swaps you get or pay).

To the fanboys: Please stop derailing every thread into a “Darwinex is the best!”-thread. It is literally disgusting. This is a thread about swaps not about rebates, commissions or whatsoever ! (Yes, Darwinex is great. Still …)

Year round swap rates aren’t good, yes, but this wonky stuff happens at year end. Dismissing an opinion group as fanboys and disgusting isn’t very constructive


See by yourself

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see what, spread? Swap was the issue. Displayed spread is for brokers charging same turnaround fee? In case not there is nothing to compare.

I moved on, closed out everything. Took the 6.5k+ profit to invest elsewhere. Yep 6.5k euro while leaving only terrible looking darwinia. funny. bye