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OldSchool invest on PGH

Hi all,

This month account of PGH Darwin completes 2 years; OldSchool is a system design to archive positive performance in yearly basis, try not to have any negative trimester, fewer time frames that 3 months invested on it, are completely random and dependent of markets behavior at that time, so we recommend a minimum period of investment of 6 months.

System try to archive always, (no Mather if is Darwin or under linked account, it’s a question of our risk management rules…) CALMAR RATIO Greater than 2.

We will start investing on PGH with our standard analyses of monthly performance VAMI reference, with the goal to DOUBLE the performance of the DARWIN (OldSchool is an automated system that normally stays 24h/24h in the markets), at least in 12 months, and prove to investors in Darwinex, how is possible to invest and beat the performance of a Darwin. Updates will be on weekly basis.

Any investor that open account from our reference link, or just invest on PGH, can have access by email; when, why, value invested and special when we will open and close positions on PGH Darwin, just request it by email referring your username at Darwinex.

This is the actual data on Darwin and the starting point of OldSchool invested on PGH

All the best,


Hi @OldSchoolPT,

Congratulations on your presentation.

The Topics dedicated to Darwins is the main purpose of this forum, and frankly they are still too rare.

As an investor, interact with the author of the strategy is a real plus, and this can be a non-negligible argument in my investment decision.

Just one thing, as many traders, you forgot the most important : links to your Darwin and your strategy :wink:

You see, I think next time I’ll invest in your Darwin, now that I read your presentation, I’ll be less nervous if Drawdown and not sell too fast;-)

Question: You trades during the American elections or not ?


HI Medialux,
many thanks for your kindly words :slight_smile:
many thanks for investing in OldSchool.
as for BREXIT, i decide not to put money ( in general profits) of investors in risk, and only trade in my accounts.without investors. I have close all positions, and for now only anticipate to start trade again on Darwinex on 13/11, maybe some days before but it depends on market conditions.
all the best,


Week 0

all the best,

Week 2 – no trades – nest week PGH back to business… good luck all.


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Hi @OldSchoolPT ,

I suppose you use a screenshot of your investor portfolio just as an illustration ?

Indeed, I do not see any relationship between your investor portfolio and your MT4 account (strategy) that drives your Darwin PGH.

Where then there is something that escapes me?

Many thanks for your interest :grinning:
I will start to invest VAMI reference $1K, (this week maybe first trade), in PGH Darwin, with different exits and entries, with information public available on PGH and subjacent trading account, that everybody can “see”. My goal is to prove that any investor can easily, with not great effort, beat Darwins and be profitable even when Darwins loses.
Screens posted are just for reference as start, will post every week update on results.
All the best,


I understand now. Thanks for your clarification :slight_smile:

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Week 3 . Darwin wins.


Just to inform,
Very sad…, but I must take a position: Until this type of injustices continues on Darwinex, (my system for example will never get that ranks)…, i will not trade anymore on my account.
All the best,


@OldSchoolPT I feel you man. Our portfolio of strategies won’t be able to advance past experieced more than likely due to consistency factor penalization, having both fading and trend trading strategies running at different leverage and very different trade durations. But heck with that. AFAIK Darwinex is going to scrap whole ranking system very soon with the new investing portal. Let’s see what will happen.


Unfortunatelly their algos were calibrated one year ago, with a population of strategies composed mainly by scalpers and grids.


@CavaliereVerde not only that, I believe they felt the need to address foremost those martingale and grid strategies as more luring but simultaneously most dangerous to investors. And they did a really good job. The problem that has been created is for non-grid cyclical strategies that have their natural ebb and flow, generate some healthy draw downs and peaks. So what happens is risk manager starts to penalize and reduce leverage as strategy starts to recover from the dip and while strategy may recover nicely Darwin might not. On the other side, as strategy makes a profit and puts new highs in, Darwin will be more aggressive and leverage up, give that strategy has less that 20% VaR. You cant serve two masters same time. Not unless you are Trufaldino di Bergamo :slight_smile:


Swingers portfolios are sound and lasting but here are penalized by:

  • consistency
  • timing
  • correlation
  • darwin risk manager

I understand your frustration. Strategies that trade in this way should not be rewarded for doing so.
It sends all the wrong signals and will hurt the reputation of Darwinex as a serious platform for investors.

I hope you will reconsider. It would be a shame to lose a valuable contributor to Darwinex.


Hi @OldSchoolPT - could you elaborate on your strategy a bit? Perhaps myself and others on the forum can all contribute towards identifying what caused this and help you rectify the issue with the strategy.

Unfortunately, there is a 0% chance this was due to manipulation as your post is implying…

I´m 100% sure there is no manipulation…, Darwinex is one of most honest I ever find in this industry, for justice, I like that to be perfect clear from my side.


HME has 4 investors, PGH has 13 investors.

I do not really see injustice :wink:

Overall it works.

As soon as Darwinex sets up portfolio sharing, DarwinIA will lose much of its importance.

Your Darwin has everything to be part of the Blue Chips, so it would be silly to hurt you on anomalies.


No manipulation but if you tune the algos to fix martingales and punters (100%VAR) you will end up penalizing sound traders and risk managers. Of course it is difficult to serve two masters…

Here we are.

In an other post (I don’t remember) I’ve said that the manner darwinex note the strategies is not good and in the end will damage darwinex model.

There were many guys telling me that I don’t understand nothing and algos are doing a good job.

A few weeks later it seems that algos are not good enough.

The case of HME is a perfect exemple.

How a strategy like this can have a performance score of 8.1. (I’m waiting darwinex staff to clarify that).

On the other hand how can strategies that loose money be noted advanced, and talented.

To passe to a superior level the strategy has at least to be positive, even 0.01 %.

Expert for loosing money is not difficult to find.