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OldSchool invest on PGH

But darwinex is working.
One year ago we had an average investment of 500 and 1/3 of investors.
Now the average investment is 2k.
The business has grown by a factor of 10 in one year.
Probably in one other year the average investment will grow to 6k and investors will treble another time.


nice post :slight_smile:
who cares about good suggestions?

thanks for your interest… not correct… but no interest on it here…

continue to be pertinent in my opinion

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unfortunately , some time passed , and in my opinion no D-score still not work…as it should…

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Hi there,
Today a post out-of-the-box… ( as usual…)

Darwinex for me is like that crazy girl/boy some of us have in the past, which we will never marriage, but time to time we cannot resist, and…. Makes we fill special…

Last times we have many events, that give-me a sensation that maybe, some reason I have… but I do not wont to be pessimist… just, for justice, make a little note about DWEX:

One very interesting “project” supposed to be an easy reference, from what will come up automatically by algos… referred here by @medialux:

Discussed, and waited long time ago… re-presented on 24/06 with very ambitious goals…

Re-firmed 3 days ago…

And killed, as that “interesting” project few hours late…

For me, it is not necessary bad, because when things are not correct, they have to be changed if we wont to improve them…

But now something very interesting, 2 numbers that should be in place, much time ago, finally arrive and for me they are vital, and should have big importance….

So important, as to know if trader wins, is to understand how he get there, one word Risk, it is very easily to win 50% of your money or from an investor that trust in you by putting 50% of capital at risk, but very hard if you can only put 10% at risk… means win 50% in both cases, are effectively real different…
With these steps (return / risk should also have a continuous chart,so important to have it for investors as d-leverage…) let me give one idea to investors on PGH to analyses it, and special to check evolution…

a) Return / Risk (since inception) how bigger it is better…
b) Average D-Leverage / Position how lower it is safest…

But most important in MY OPINION, their ratio a/b that should be above 1, and ideal constantly growth…, if it becomes declining it is not good, and around 1 it is RED alert signal that I have increased the risk, to try to keep the expected return… and that is never good… for justice that should not be done for those who know how take care of their money and others…PROTECT PROFITS/MONEY (maybe many now start to understand what mean long time ago…)

Conclusion simple numbers, that investors can easily understand and meaning a lot… things are becoming KISS for investors’ side witch is fantastic in my opinion…. congratulation from my side to darwinex team on these improvements.

All the best,


I can agree about dwex but this isn t right:

Gambling is pointed out by bad Rs score.
This new rate just stacks as return stacks, so if you return 30% per year and you are trading since 3 years the rate would be higher than the same strategy with a shorter trackrecord.


hi @CavaliereVerde,
i respect your opinion, but i dont agree… although i only pretend to tell “my” investors how i see “risk” and the “new rate” is much, much more that the way you see it…
in the end each investor have the final decision in who invest, but in reality on forex, in mid/long term only who manage very well the risk survives…
although not the only important factor, but time have a huge importance to “understand” how trade take care of money, and can not be replaced by nothing… and there is a huge difference by evaluate a track-record of 3 years from one trader and evaluate other with 6M, also here is impossible to replace it with any invest-able attribute…
for me important is that now investors “can” easily see that information, what each person do with it is other question, and even not take it consideration is so legitimately as saying it is only what matters…
just a small note, win and lose are both part of the game, this numbers do not guarantee any future profits, but they can give important information is things are as they spouse to be or there is some alert signals…
of course all this my personal opinion, nothing important…


It is not a matter of agree, it is clear that a trader with 3y of trackrecord is better than a trader with 1y but this has nothing to do with risk or present profitability.

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Made a similar suggestion on display of risk/return @OldSchoolPT if you would like to expound further…feel free to do so


Hi @Iceberg12,
many thanks for your post.
sorry but i do not agree with your proposal, and will try to explain why, for me , it is also dangerous.
for me numbers are what matters, they could even be represented in yellow ( color that most people don’t like…), although this importance for me, they are far way of being the only aspects to take in consideration to invest… , they can be as first approach for investor, with this simple 2 lines, they have now vital information to make first “selection”.

that is awesome , they even can do 3/4 accounts with calculator and have a glance on how that system compares to a hedge fund, other systems, etc…
but its only the beginning… in my opinion, your gradation on colors can give the idea that a investor should pick up some blues, press trade, allocate money and done… potential same danger for me, and that i never agree, as now those that do it by pick-up darwins with best D-Score…
for me @JesusDarwinex, give a first and correct approach to levels, but that levels can also be different for difference level of investors, and normally also very polemic… but important is that we are talking about them (return/risk), and all know about it… and can better informed made their personal decisions…

sorry not a question of never agree, but only a question of disagree by strong personal conviction.
regarding to “colors” for me as it stands now is perfect.
all the best,


Hi @OldSchoolPT

Do you like this vitals?

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Hi @CavaliereVerde,
many thanks for your email.
i admire your determination on defend D-Score, invest-able attributes, etc…, but you should admit there other can have different opinion, and special all should have a “big” responsibility by what advices they give, special to new investors, and what effectively they know about trading and investing, that is very different from what each one wish to be…
don’t real understand the idea of your question but will answer it, because if at least 1 investor read this and get some alert it will deserve the time i spend on it.
first you think Rs and La, are the perfect concerning to evaluate risk, OK no problem better then nothing, D-Score is fantastic and it is what deserves to be check by investors, OK fine no problem, but for me they mean nothing, because numbers are numbers, calculated by computers, with what human programed, so if they can show things irresponsible is because what is programed is not good!
for me the simple fact of the appearance of this 2 “insignificant” numbers show it perfectly, but every trader/investor should keep work in what they believe i don’t wont to change that, what i say is that now others have simple numbers to make other judgment, don’t they have that right?
now your question:
you have not read my posts, because i have answer your question, even before you make it:

with maximum respect for traders, let try again show what is the danger i call attention:


Rs and La not good by algos, that is good, “my” methodology <1 you know the answer!

Rs and La, perfect, how can the same algos come um with this scores? only available for “top darwins”? concerning to “my” methodology it works also, no need to say nothing right?
how is possible, concerning to risk that we are talking here that Rs and La, form TTB be so good and much better than CKV? no way! 0 credibility!
you know stating that algos do work, only because we wont it is very easy, prove it with numbers is very hard!!
all the best,

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Algos work but they aren’t bulletproof.
I am just saying that Rs+Pf are better than Return+DD
BTW when you have a good DScore above 60 it is better to look to other things like Equity, leght of trackrecord or external infos on the trader.

DScore isn’t bulletproof but Return is easier to fool than DScore.
I designed a filter with Return >100% and DD<30% .
Only 17 Darwins , many are very good, we have also PGH , but CKV is also included.
If I want to include PGH but not CKV i think it is better to set DScore > 60. :slight_smile:

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Hi @CavaliereVerde.
the way you do your things is perfect for you? good! nothing against! perfectly legit and maybe what 99% of darwinex users do! nothing against and nothing have change or have to change for you or them…
now think this point, that come up, ONLY by does 2 numbers, and many others can come…
I’m invest in a forex fund for 5 years with 100M, i know what is return/risk on it, now instantly for any system i can have idea how it is compared to mine, i never give attention before, to darwinex, because i have no time to study IA, etc… hum …maybe this 2/3 system deserves my allocation they are much better then mine…, let pay real attention to it, study it, etc… in the end i decide i will invest!
this is only can be positive for all! and those 2 simple numbers open the door… to new ( and bigger investors…)
more that that, by my experience i can tell you in the end,all , traders, investors, will pay attention to nothing more, and will by around 4/5 parameters of darwins in the “same” level, and 90% of money will flow to those darwins…, of course if those darwins are at time 5% of all we have now it will be a huge success for darwinex, and 95% of actual will not enter…

ideal in my opinion for Darwinex is that after that certain level established, is that investors look at example your ( and all…) loved Mc, and say i will invest in XXX, because is much better than YYY, this will be fantastic!and prove that algos do work… not now, with maximum respect again for traders, for now how is it possible that in so “important” Mc TTB is perfect! and CKV is average! sorry but no way to “believe it”, and not even me a non-professional have patience to go study it and understand why! for one reason or other it is wrong period.
all the best,

Nothing is perfect, never said that Mc alone is enough or Rs alone is enough .
Mc and Rs give some info about the reliability of a strategy but they are useless without a good Pf.

TTB is a loser with a very low Pf and also a low DScore so it is of no interst for anyone.

If rating systems would be so simple that just Return and DD were enough ther should be no need to pay 20 persons for years to design a more efficient system.

for me Mc+Pf and La+Rs (4 of them!) has they stand, are useless compared to Return / Risk (since inception) alone!
i know very few here in Darwinex not agree with me, FOR NOW! we will see, lets say, in one year what will be the “voice” of investors…

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Dear Investors on PGH,
from now on, weekly evolution of Return / Risk on PGH for those interested.
all data from Darwinex.



Legend / explanation, (optimistic version).
please check also: Introducing Return / Risk (since inception) & Average D-Leverage / Position

Return (since inception): Increase is GOOD decrease is BAD.
VaR: Increase is RISKIER decrease is MORE SECURE.
Return/ Risk (A): Increase is GOOD decrease is BAD.
Av. D-leverage (B): Increase is RISKIER decrease is MORE SECURE.
Ratio A/B: Increase is MORE SECURE decrease is RISKIER.
Darwinex Score: you decide.