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On automatically closing topics

Following the thread:
Community Forum Moderation Policy (effective as of March 12, 2020)

  • Topics with no new replies in 30 days will be considered redundant and automatically closed.

In the thread I created for my Darwin, I give an update to investors every first day of the month. Does this rule mean that if I go through a month of 31 days, I’m screwed? :slight_smile:


I agree 30 days is excessive I would extend it to 90 .
I think the policy is a work in porogress but it is going in the right direction.
The “golden” darwin discussions like NTI ERQ and JGC are not updated so frequently.
Even PLF has been updated only because of my questions. :rofl:
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Why automatically closing a thread at all? What’s the difference between an open thread that no one replies to, and a closed thread that no one replies to?

This would just enforce creating a new thread even if it would perfectly fit to an existing one.

I don’t see the benefit.


I would rename the cathegories into

  • Darwin Presentations
  • Darwin investors discussion
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These categories - at least the first one - should be excluded from automated closing.


I like this.

‘Introduction’ sounds more like a one-time-event while ‘Presentation’ is more ongoing.
‘Investor Discussions’ hits the nail.

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Thanks for pointing this out, you’re right, automating this probably doesn’t make much sense.


agree this is not good idea