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Opportunity cost of inactive Darwins

Does Darwinex have a policy on inactive strategies? It doesn’t take much time for a new investor to get the impression that there are quite a few inactive Darwins.

How can an investor filter them out to avoid wasting time and having capital idle? I am thinking of something more efficient that guessing from the Darwin’s home page if the graphs appear flat-lined for one or two years.

You can use a custom filter with number of trades during last month or last quarter.
Also an equity higher than 0 can confirm.

Do you mean the filtering facility in the ordinary investor account? I have been using it.

I don’t think it works as you describe. It always yields the total number of Darwins in the result. All it does is to sort them differently, using a combination of criteria, with more criteria to choose from than just on the columns of the page.

You may also know but you can see on each Darwin page under assets and timeframes, then filter by time period (behaviour statistics):

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Yes, thanks. It can be inspected on each Darwin, one by one.