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Other broker MT4 with zeromq

Hi there,

May I confirm if I have to use Darwinex MT4 with their API? Can I use other broker MT4 with Darwinex API?

Thank you!


Hi @pankuolung - Welcome to the Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, which API are you referring to here?

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Thanks your reply, I mean the python connect to MT4 and have to use Darwinex MT4 ? Can I use for other broker MT4 platforms? Below is link, thank you!

anyone can help?! Thank you!

anyone can help??? Thank you!


Maybe if you mention in your reply someone specifically like @integracore2 or @bianka you can get some help :wink:

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I love your GIFs and comics @DominionCuentas :joy: epic!

@pankuolung - Thank you for your interest.

At Darwinex (a UK FCA Regulated Broker & Asset Manager), we pay close attention to bottlenecks and try to engineer solutions that help bridge gaps between a trader’s existing knowledge/practices/preferences and MetaTrader.

Hence the extensive work in this area (Python -> ZeroMQ -> MetaTrader integration), see here:

Our upcoming Interactive Brokers integration is also meant to serve and expand on the same purpose.

We’ve open sourced everything at the end of the day, to help as many algorithmic traders out there as possible.

The motivation is to spread not only the open source code, but more importantly good vibes :slightly_smiling_face: - to let people know that Darwinex (

  1. Being a FinTech at its core, has a team of Engineers and Quants in-house, who regularly do their very best to support the trader community with tutorials, solutions, source code etc.

  2. As a broker itself, Darwinex is home to sophisticated traders who alongside trading the market with competitive pricing/execution, can also attract investor capital on our Exchange.

Having said the above… anyone is of course more than welcome to use our work anywhere they please.

The dwx-zeromq-connector project has been developed and tested exclusively in a Darwinex environment. Support for issues is therefore only available for Darwinex users.

Hope that helps answer your question :+1: