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Percentage shown

Hi guys,

I’d like to know whether the percentage shown month by month is related to balance or initial deposit.


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% is related to previous month

Thanks for your enquiry, @tradingest!

All our calculations are made based on equity, not on balance.


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Thanks all for the answers.

That mean for example:

Initial deposit: 2500€

1 month 100€ --> equity 2600€ --> performance 4%
2 month 100€ --> equity 2700€ --> performance ?% (it is correct 3,85% or 4%)?

Thanks to all

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Month 2 --> 3.85%.

And if you then withdraw 1700 EUR (so your equity decreases to 1000 EUR at the end of month 2.

2 month 100 € --> Equity 1100 eur --> 10%.

I hope this helps!

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