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PHE darwin

Very strange - I have never seen such consistent returns ( last 6 months) met with such low investment - OK he has had big drawdowns in the past but this year is manual trading versus bot in previous years, and the divergence is a little high but given the consistent returns pretty irrelevant. Excellent LA and good RS makes it very appealing…especially as it thrives on breakouts which start to pick up with increased market volatility…

It seems solid.
Solid native trackrecord of 2y and solid account of 4k.

Lucky semesters are very frequent.
It is a promising darwin but this would be the worst time to invest, better to be patient and wait a 15% DD.

Personally I invest only when I have more info, no description, no website no discussion, zero info about the trader…

I think that is the reason why investors avoid it:

The 1y setting is default, if you change it to ‘ALL’ the trading account had a DD, but didn’t have losses.

The other reason could be there was a change in the strategy, the number of parallel positions is higher, but that is also shown if the trader starts splitting positions (which increases the experience attribute) without changing the strategy itself. Here I assume he starts to trade more freuently, if I look at the VaR shown under the Rs attribute.

It looks like the trader started with 1k on the trading account and made solid profit of more than 400% on it. The VaR cut it to the 92% shown on the Darwin.

The migrated part can be the result of trackrecord farming, that semester is even better than this last one.
Trackrecord strarts just on a low and this can only acheived with hidsight selection.

The positive side is that the guy hasn’t given up after the serious drawdown.

The guy has been around for years on MQL5 ( not sure about talking about third parties on this site?) with an EA (Phaser evolution) which bombed after a promising start - trading breakouts. So this year (since Jan 19) he claims all of the trades are manual using technicals/fundamentals - he really holds onto winners - been watching this latest gold trade which has been running for a week++. As you say definitely not the time to invest on top of the latest spike!

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