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Portfolio analysis

I found the following free tool by @QuantumLabs to do portfolio analysis (it even has drawdown ;D)

It is a simple yet interesting tool, also to see stagnations. I’m sure that with the API very soon new tools will appear, but this is already working and can give a glimpse of the past.


WOW fantastic, very basic but it works!

Some kind of custom inception would be needed.

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Hello everybody,

Thanks for noticing my software, i wouldn’t imagine that will have so much visibility even in the english community.

We have exciting updates for the upcoming weeks with new features such as have a list of the 10 biggest drawdowns and their average and more things, by the moment we keep this simple and easy to use.

Thanks for using it, hope you find it useful.

PS: We will launch soon a translation for the web and an English video for non-spanish speaking users


Double Wow!!! As a fairly new Darwinex investor I have been dreaming of such a tool. With a portfolio of 12 Darwins this will be very helpful.

Thanks so much for making it available! I’m also looking forward to your English speaking video and the future updates you mentioned.



Two features that I would find very helpful would be the abilities to save the generated charts, and to input custom start dates. Please forgive me if they are already there and I somehow missed them.

Thanks again for making this available to us!


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Hello Rod,

For saving a generated chart just press right click on it, you have the option to save the image and to export to csv the data, about the custom dates, its one of the features that i will make in the next updates, stay tuned!


I have an important suggestion.
Now the sum is a … sum ! :smiley:

So if a combine a darwin with a ruturn of 20% and a darwin with a return of 30% the total chart will reach 50%.
A portfolio should be the AVERAGE of the two investments.

The sum is right when you diversify strategies on the same account and capital.


Hi Quantum Labs,

Thanks very much for getting right back to me with the tip on right clicking. I should have tried that! :frowning:

Looking forward to your updates.