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Portfolio + [Buy and Sell Rules] Backtesting Tool

it looks like the site down:)

edit: up now

Nah, due to recent api changes, there are some semantics errors happening -> Fixing now. Will be done soon

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I had not had this fast support on apps/sites I was paying them…

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Database updated, accurate as of DEC 9, 2018.

There were some semantic error possibilities due to a minor change to darwinex api, so I took down the server and fixed that. This does NOT mean that your previous simulations were possibly erroneous - no. Things were correct, and will be correct from here on as well. Semantic error (where you get wrong results, but don’t know that results are wrong) potential averted before database update! Server up, everything should keep being fine from here on.


Thank you for your work!


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Database updated, accurate as of DEC 16, 2018
EDIT: Database updated, accurate as of DEC 25, 2018


Database updated, accurate as of JAN 7, 2019. It seems that some people are still using this thing :thinking:


@yhlasx In the data you have uploaded to GoogleDrive, there is a column named DCI, what does it mean?

Apparently I can’t spell :smiley: Days Since Inception, shoulda been DSI. So 365 means 1 year since beginning of data for darwin.

Headers are as follows:


Thanks! I’ve got another one :sweat_smile:
You mention that takes arround 20h to update the data, Isn’t it a lot? Why is that? Are you requesting badge by badge?

There are 4000 or so darwins, and api access is throttled :slight_smile:


The thing is back up again. New location is at
I updated the link in the main post itself as well. Database is old, accurate as of JAN 7, 2019. I will update database on the weekend, when the data won’t be changing.


Here a little cheatplot
Score at x axis and mean returns at y


Hm, I wonder, what is your source data? EX = 10 darwins, all of them, at current time? Very curious indeed. :thumbsup:

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I used the data for all active darwins (>3500) and all aviable history, its a rough analysis.




How do you account for divergence in history? Also, the portfolio is Darwins with that filter everyday in history, updated daily?

I applied -5% of divergence, in a roughly way yes :sweat_smile:
The portfolio is equal weighted for all darwins that match the filter every day, daily updated.

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I am actually amazed with the results! So it seems that a machine controlled super dynamic portfolio might have potential! Needs further research!

Portfolio is, find such Darwins today, eat their tomorrow’s returns, then update according to filter-> Correct?

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Hmm, it’s biased at this point, same day’s returns and filter is used. I’ll check and update

There is too a survivor bias, and im not caring about migrations.

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