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Portfolio + [Buy and Sell Rules] Backtesting Tool

Your study confirms my live experience since 2015 , only 1% of darwins is investable.
When I registerd on Darwinex there were 200 darwins, only ERQ and NTI are alive and investable today.


Thanks @naturalcapital for such detailed charts !


New charts are much more useful, you anticipated my crticism: a daily rotation would be killed by execuition costs.
Monthly unbiased is very close to reality. :+1:

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Alright, database updated. Accurate as of FEB 10, 2019.

As promised, for those interested, here is the separate Darwins scores+quotes historical data compiled into CSV files, the latest edition (FEB 10, 2019) -> Download HERE

@EvidenceAlpha and @naturalcapital mayhaps you are interested. :thumbsup:


So good ! My Excel is wet from joy. Thanks a lot

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Thanks, impressive data set :ok_hand: !

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Ok, so this is being taken down at the moment, database needs to be updated. Will be back up in 5 min. I see that there are about 2-3 ppl connected, so if you check here, you know what is up!

Edit: Database updated, accurate as of FEB 17, 2019
Edit: Database update got interrupted a few times, but it just finished. Accurate as of FEB 23, 2019
Edit: Database updated, accurate as of March 3, 2019