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Portfolio by vik2001

am new to Darwin, I invested 10k using 2x leverage

invested in:

my question Is has anyone made money long term using Darwin. it seems people tend to loose money overall. im going to give it 6 months and see how it goes.


Live or demo?

Im live with my 10k,

So I suggest you to strongly rethink the portfolio.
High return and low drawdown aren’t indicators of future performance.
On the contrary instead above average past performance is an indicator of future below average performance.
If you want a realistic performance I suggest you to invest longer trackrecords, longer than 2 years.

my overall plan as I was leveraged is to find low DD with high RS,RA,LA,PF values. problem is this only brought up 2 or 3 darwins that looked good, so I had to loosen the criteria slightly.

my background is equities so forex investing is new to me and to be far its different from equities. but the way I see it choosing a balanced portfolio with not so many darwins and being more concentrated should leave me in profit after 6 months. if it doesn’t Darwin platform is not for me

The most important indicator is the lenght of native trackrecord, post migration.
This is the main indicator of a rubust strategy run by a serious trader.
I suggest you to start from the Model Portfolio.


Is the model portfolio calculated with divergence and investor fees? A significant number of the Darwins there have a divergence warning.

Yes, it uses the backtester.
The point with new investors are not fees or divergence but that thay are are attracted by lucky trackrecords, often short and not representative of the real profitability of darwins.


Another “easy” portfolio could be acheived combining:
most investors
good scores
return >50%

only 12 darwins :nerd_face::sunglasses:

Yea but some of those 12 have divergence

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You can remove them.
I insist that divergence is not the point, the point is avoid to buy high a darwin that has done 50% or more on L1Y
Buying above average is a certain way to lose money on the next semester.

One of the best looking seems to be HFD.

highest return = luckiest past, the first to remove :joy:
the best looking is NTI , 6 years of native trackrecord

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Your opinion of yzz going forward. Not a great start to year but has good past history. Not all being native

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YZZ is the best migrated trackrecord,
if I were forced to chose SCS ZVQ or YZZ I would go with YZZ

Nti looks good to me but what lets it done a bit for me is low LA.

A long native trackrecord is much more important than every score.

A long track record doesnt mean its any better than one without.
In equities small caps always outperform their larger peers with proven track records due to growth. Could be the case with darwins but will be subjective i know.

Would you buy a stock of a company founded few months ago?
Small cap = low AUM not short trackrecord.

Probably not but it depends if your holding for the long term a couple of years in something you believe in. If your investment is for a few years small peers will outperform in equties where as larger peers will not. Thats is proven facts.

But i do agree a strong track record is strong for a reason and even with darwins those with good long records will need to be held for a few years as they are bound to have bad times to in terms of running performance.
Everything with darwins can be subjective so a balanced portfolio is best and to include long term proven native records along side smaller darwins that have potential to outperform based on their own merits, and weightings in allocation positioned to create balance.