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Portfolio - RF11 - RafwinSistemas

Hi all.
I present my portfolio RF11.
in this thread I will continue its development.
These are your results to date.

Thank you all


Congrats for the green, how many darwins?


Thank you.
I work with a very broad list of darwins.
100 in review.
50 selected as favorites.
In anticipated portfolio of 10 to 25 darwins.
Currently in the portfolio 8.

They enter and leave. Active management
Portfolio review weekly.

Use of external tool S.A.D. (Smart Analysis Darwinex).
A small sample to summarize the management


Each arrow is an optimal entry point

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Encouraging, especially for following a diviersified proactive manner, to say the least.

We need profesional Darwinex portofolio managers next :slight_smile:


The images are screenshots of the whole portfolio or of the specific darwins?

edit: I just saw its from specific darwins. Small letters…
EDIT2: Do you take into consideratio the type of the underlying strategy of the darwin (volatility? contrarian, trend following etc) or only the drawdown when selecting the current portfolio of darwins?

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The image of the entire portfolio is the first image after the presentation.

The following images are from the tool I use to locate an optimal point of entry.

It is the last step to invest.

Before, I do a complete analysis, where I have in consideration many parameters and data, including those that you comment.

In addition, that same analysis is done in the current time of Darwin and in previous representative periods.

I use a custom classification system.


This is an example of my classification list


my second portfolio

my second portfolio Portfolio - RWSis22 - RafwinSistemas

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Hi @RafwinSistemas
Can you pleas add an avatar to this user?
How do you update your avatar?

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this is a link to the same thread - no?

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it is already corrected

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The basis of my portfolios is my personal classification of a broad list of analyzed darwins.
And Follow up.

Although the human factor behind the darwin the combierte in unique products.

The entries of the two portfolios are always made in a DD, as you can see in some images.

Behind, a philosophy of “losing much less than the manager of Darwin.”
Applying this philosophy I have come to achieve better performance than some managers. I hope it does not sound arrogant, my only intention is always to lose less than them.

The big difference is the management of closures.

Rw11 seeks to accumulate operations in positive.
Once bought a darwin and already in benefit in his next DD we bought another position in the.
In some darwins I apply a partial closing of the operation before buying again.

RWSis22 looks for definite entries and closings, with a much greater capital rotation.

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An example of the above

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I can use some more examples

Even if I dont’ think you are always succesfull in beating the darwin provider. :wink:
As you know I am very committed for a buy and hold portfolio.
Also for your strategy you need a selection of stable and reliable darwins and you designed a sophisticated and customized rating system.

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Correct. It does not always happen,
As I comment my intention is not to overcome the manager, it is to lose less than him.
The best that in the cases that the performance does not happen is always positive, when closing an order or partial and the manager takes to enter into new DD, I leave on the way some performance, but the operation is already closed in positive.

The images are not activated, it may be that what you say happens and is happening now

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what you are saying is this

CLA. I close at 8% and the continuous at 9.5%

If I have cases like that, waiting to enter.
but I’m patient
and those cases can still come out better

CLA today

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The main problem is not to gain less than the darwin but to bump into a crashing darwin

For example ICA and XTT.
Even if you enter with a DD of 10 or 15% it can turn into -30 -40%

BTW congrats for making money with DWC , I thought it was impossible …:joy_cat:

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that’s why my main objective is to lose less than the manager

XTT result closed and negative

happy with the result, good management

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