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Portfolio - RWSis22 - RafwinSistemas

Portfolio RWSis 22

Hi all.
I present my second portfolio RWSis22
In this thread I will continue its development.
These are your results to date.

I use the same Darwins list as in the RF11 portfolio.
Your thread here Portfolio - RF11 - RafwinSistemas


What’s the difference between RF11 and RWSis22 ?


The basis of my portfolios is my personal classification of a broad list of analyzed darwins.
And Follow up.

Although the human factor behind the darwin the combierte in unique products.

The entries of the two portfolios are always made in a DD, as you can see in some images.

Behind, a philosophy of “losing much less than the manager of Darwin.”
Applying this philosophy I have come to achieve better performance than some managers. I hope it does not sound arrogant, my only intention is always to lose less than them.

The big difference is the management of closures.

Rw11 seeks to accumulate operations in positive.
Once bought a darwin and already in benefit in his next DD we bought another position in the.
In some darwins I apply a partial closing of the operation before buying again.

RWSis22 looks for definite entries and closings, with a much greater capital rotation.


An example of the above


Some more examples if you wish

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Update April

Hi all.
There is little left to finish the month.
I update portfolio results.
A quiet month but we painted green.
It’s already six months of management and a total of more than 24%
Without a doubt some very good results.
In six months achieved the annual goal.
Thank you and happy management to all.

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