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Portfolio - Wisdom of the Crowd - Muiris

Deciding to tap into the collective genius of Darwinex Investors, I have chosen 7 or the most invested darwins for my portfolio


Darwins will be held for 1 year. $$

Lets see how they perform. InvestingForDummies

no secret knowledge, no special insight .


Just 2 questions:

  1. Live or demo?
  2. Unleveraged or leveraged?

It is a demo 10,000 account.

SYO get 2,800 - no deep reason for this
the rest 1200 each

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Agreed, SYO has no problems while every other has some small shadows

LVS : low recent perfiormance
YZZ : bumpy and short native part
HFD : short trackrecord
THA : divergence high or unstable
ZVQ : strange stuff on the trackrecord and short native
CWT : few trades low EX and low equity


yes, nice summary

I decided to keep it simple and not overthink it for a reason.

I did glance over each and did note LVS recent poor record , but it has good track record so over a year he may come good

YZZ , agreed, but he also has had similar poor run in his past

HFD - I’m okay with it, maintained 2:1 win ratio over last year.

THA - True, but still profitable

ZVQ - personally I hate darwins with 14 pip avg win and 45 pip average loss

CWT - ditto as per ZVQ

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Hi @Muiris !
Can you update about the performance of the portfolio?
I think it should be profitable.

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Well i was going to leave it for a year, but yes currently profitable.

Well done Darwin community

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