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Portfolio WRinvestments - Live - monthly updates

Hello investors,

I want to share my live investment account with you and update it every month with the results.
The start was at august 2019 with investing in only 1 darwin.
This was the first time i used the investor account on darwinex.
After a month i decided to throw the one darwin out and do it completely different.

From september 2019 i decided to take atleast 3 darwines which had some good preformance for the past months.
In these few months i had added darwines and removed some darwins.
Here under are my results till 01-01-2020 and i will give a update by the end of each month.

Till now my investor account is still in a bit of loss of the bad start, but hopefully it change in the future.


I decided to drop EOP out of my portofolie and replace it for my own darwin WRR.
The first weeks of trading on my own darwin (WRR) i did it pretty well.
With the outbreak of the coronavirus i maded a few bad trades ill try to recover from it upcomming month.
But i still ended this first month with my portofoli +2.89% in profit, which is okay.