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POST /products filtering

It seems that the filtering of the fields done with the POST /products API call includes all the data since the darwin inception. Is there any way to limit the filtering to the data available since migration to Darwinex?

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Don’t you think it would be better to filter from the Date a Darwin was published ? Migrations would be irrelevant, also long private periods with Tradeslide (Darwinex) accounts.

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That is interesting. Either starting from migration date or validation date sounds good to me!


For IPO date I think maybe you can just search for the first candle with OHLC data. Apologies for the assumption that you can filter from a specific date if it is not true.

It is an interesting question … Notice that every migration is really evaluated for some period of time prior to their manual approval to be a DARWIN so we should trust their owners for the history brought to Darwinex. But it is true that sometimes we have some sort of surprises when that trading strategy don’t work as expected any more in our trading platform. In case you prefer to don’t trust 100% on all this data prior to migration date I could recommend to use the filtering by “days_in_darwinex”. This days_in_darwinex allows you to exclude those DARWINs recently migrated or too recent to consider for your investing strategy.


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Excellent, I will give this method a try. Thanks!

Would like to add that both migration date and IPO date can be retrieved via the API. This of course doesn’t reset parameters and attributes taking only data beginning at those dates.

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