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Posts read number

Dear All,

This number…

Shouldn’t it match this one?

The other numbers are updated periodically but this one is always very outdated… :confused:


I believe you are right.
But maybe @bianka is a speed reader and the numbers just don’t catch up :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think so. It happens to everyone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I dont’ think is a “lag” , in my case summary is 34k while users all time is 28k.


Dear @bianka,

I guess I’m being a pain in the a$$, but I still wonder if this is fixable or not… just to forget about it.

Is it maybe because of the future integration with Interactive Brokers that things are going to change a lot and this little detail is not even worth fixing…? Enlighten me :sun_with_face:, please.

Thank You!


Sorry I forgot this!

This is something I would typically search for or ask at

Will do it when I can. Or, should you find the answer yourself before on the Discourse forum, we appreciate if you’d share it with us here!


Thanks for your link to

Either I wasn’t aware of this forum “third-party backstage” or I’d forgotten about it…

In any case I realize that the rabbit hole is too deep and there are too many reasons why the gap between figures can occur. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Now I accept that there is a discrepancy for whatever reason.

I thought it could be easily resolved but now I see that it probably can’t.

As for me @bianka, you don’t need to invest your time.

If anyone wants to know more, they can always check out posts like:

Are post read counts per user accurate?
Posts Read Discrepancy
etc. etc. :expressionless:

by searching for the words “posts read”.



Thank you so much @DominionCuentas, you rock!

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