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PPT - fulltime888

Using Support and Resistance Levels, we determine the best entry for optimum Risk/Reward.

Why you should invest with PPT?
I would like it for you to join me on my journey with PPT. PPT has been run on broker accounts other than Darwinex. PPT has survived Flash Crashes and Recovered. Good money management, low stable VAR is the key to success for PPT. With PPT you are sure that open trades will have reasonable safe lot size that even a flash crash like that on the Pound (OCTOBER 2016) would be survived.
No overtrading. PPT doesn’t overtrade. In a month, PPT only executes less than 15 trades, because of this EXP has been kinda slow for PPT. With time however this Darwin will prove that fewer trades doesn’t mean fewer profits.

*2018 Update
PPT has undergone massive changes since it has started, one thing that hasn’t changed though is that PPT don’t overtrade. You can see in the history that PPT has chosen its trade very wisely. Over the months trades have become lesser but profits don’t. Profits for 2018 has surpassed the previous years.

*ESMA Leverage Update
PPT isn’t affected by ESMA leverage update, PPT only have less than 15 trades a month and is of very small lotsize.


Demo Portofolio Opened April 27, 2017
11% profit as of May 30, 2017

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Congrats to PPT for beating its old High.

The underlying strategy equity curve:
Max drawdown of 13.42% (GBP Flash crash)


June 9 Update for PPT
Start investing now at PPT :slight_smile:

Current Underlying Strategy Outlook

As of June 9, 2017 PPT has 4.29% profit


Hi Investors,

All trades are closed for the moment.It is a good time to invest on PPT.

The most recent closed trade with a PERFECT Precise entry and exit.

Monthly Investment Recommened

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Happy 2018 Everybody,
PPT is ALIVE and Kicking.

Status Update: June 5, 2018
as of 2018, PPT have gained a total of 18.50 Percent.
PPT has evolved into a more precise entry. Lesser trades as can be seen, but better RETURN.

Here are some screenshots.


As you can see the underlying strategy is even more conservative than Darwin Algorithm, netting a total of 24.56%.

Invest Now!



PPT just entered ON FIRE status


Congratulations, keep it up!

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Just an Update again.
PPT just entered PROMISING Status

By the way ESMA Leverage won’t affect PPT as PPT uses very small leverage only. Thanks!

2018 Profits

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Underlying Strategy Update 31.32%!!


Last 6 months are just… amazing!! :heart_eyes:
Keep up the good hard work, trader!


Thank you for the encouragement! :slight_smile: Hopefully will get my first investor soon. Hope it also ends with a darwinia reward this month. 1 more week before closing of July and Darwinia fluctuates alot. As of the moment PPT is inside the top 48.

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1 month since last posted.
Here is an update of the underlying strategy

Invest now! Search for PPT.


last year performance very good! congratulation! all the best to your darwin!
one of the best darwins that perfectly fit in one of my “crazy” ideas on darwins…

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Tell me more about your “crazy” idea for darwins? What criteria are you looking for?

1 Year Since I last posted this.
Stable Slow, Sure.
Invest Now. Alive and Kicking.
Search for PPT, leave for 1 year, see result!!


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Update September 2019
Hey Guys! :blush:
Just an update on PPT.
Since no one is investing here, i decided to source investor somewhere else. Soon would close a 20k USD investment deal, invester would copy trade using darwinex. :smiley:

Just an update on PPT, incase you want to join the ride.
Currently no trades open.

PPT is Up to 86.07%!

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You mean :

Bringing an external investor to join Darwinex (to invest in PPT)


Being funded in another platform (If so, do you mind to share where :slight_smile: )


Thanks and congratulations for your DARWIN :slight_smile: !


Hi SECURIX, i mean bringing in to Darwinex, this external investor I sourced from a nearby city I live. Basically the way brick and mortar business works, you have coffee and ink a deal. :smiley:


I like your thinking. Win-win-win to all parties. Keep up the great work. :smiley: Darwinex is really a good platform.