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Problem with searching products by filter

Since tuesday a /products post with “trader_equity” filter is not working. I receive a ‘500 server error’. Previously it run well.

Hi @Toneti777 !
Could you provide the specific request to /products?

The following request is working for me:

  "filter": [
      "name": "trader_equity",
      "options": [
          "min": 1000,
          "period": "actual"
  "order": "ASC",
  "orderField": "productName",
  "page": 0,
  "perPage": 50,
  "period": "1m"

Ok, the problem is about the “max” param…But it had been working until Monday.

As far as I know it was possible to filter setting values of trader equity above 10.000 €/$, where it shouldn’t be possible due to some specific requirements to don’t show these trader’s equity with detail over 10.000. Eventhough there hasn’t been any change in the API, there was some fix in our backends over this week to don’t allow to know this detail. Therefore, any attempt to filter with values over 10.000 might be returning an error response.

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