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Professionals (trading for a living)

I traded self employed for 3 years before calling it quits. I never had the patience/discipline and found myself day trading rather than investing / taking long term bets which is the only thing im good at (alongside political bets).

since going back to work (I work in the fund business) I have started on darwinex with good (albeit early) results. I see darwinex as a 5 year plan. work will pay the bills in the only regret is not having this 5 year plan 5 years ago!


Just starts my journey (with capital USD 10,000) as a trader.
Hope I will be one of the Darwins soon :slight_smile:

#happy trading


How can it come that someone or even darwinex want to invest in somebudy with under 10,000 euro/dollar invested trading equity? I mean if you are a serious trader, thats minimum that you should trade with to be able to make some money to live? And people that doesnt trade for a living, how should they trade others money?

Ive just red this thread, and feel really sorry for people, also on the other forums that was linked.

Darwinex started to give the “peanut” trader an opportunity to grow. That is why

make a living on 10K lol

refer to point 1. no one is forcing you to invest


Hi. There are many traders who have not big money. And Darwinex can feed good strategies with DARWINIA

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I suggest you to read this topic.

Newsflash: almost nobody here is a professional that trades for a living.
Let’s forget about fairy tales brokers want people to believe, hedge funds make 10% annual, this means trading 200k for a modest living.

Hi, thanks for your answer!
Could you please tell me who is good trader, without haveing a dollar in bank account?

I dont know if iam stupid, but for me, allow yourself to start trading needs big capital, maybe 100.000 - 300.000. I mean, isnt this pretty basics important stuff, same thing like you dont think about be a pro basketball player if you are only 170cm tall.

Even if the traders dont got 300.000 on account, but seeing top darwins having like 1-2000 dollar is a really wierd in my world. In what part of the world is it hard to save up MINIMUM 10.000 if you are a VERY dedicated and disciplined person which trading requires? And sure there are countries where the wages are really low, but I think that those people have more important stuff to think about then trading?

Please help me understand the investors here, iam really open minded and want to honestly understand.

Thank you, this is exactly what I mean.

I have read very meny of your posts, and I agree 110% with everyword you say.

That 2 yrs is a minimum to be invested in. Also I think you have pointed it out, but these migrated accounts is a disaster too, There are so meny that looks like the paris eiffel tower, where accounts haveing nice profits from the migration, and to later only go in a big DD.

I wished I had some trust in poeple as darwinex have in traders, there are multiple darwines thats allocating over 25.000 dollar with over 50% DD. How can this even be possible?

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As you can see I am trading with 5k on each of my 3 darwins but 3 years ago I didn’t have that sum to trade, you cannot trade with all of your money.
Having said da that you are right, to be credible you have to trade with a significant amount of money, otherwise it is very likely that trading is just a game for you and you don’t deserve to be trusted.

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Well, that suprise me to be honest.
Ive seen you very active here and have much knowledge. It says that you live in Italy, where avarage wage is about 2400 euro, Is there any reason that you cant save up or put in like minumum 10,000?

Btw Is nothing bad against you or anything, I hontesly want to know how this works for others.
t just I have a totally avarage salary with like 2500 euro and to save me 1000 a is not a problem at all, witch takes less then a year to save up so that it “looks good” on darwinex.

Now I dont want this to be about peoples economy, and I know everybody lives different lives, people with 5 children will ofc have less to save. But in generall when I found out traders equity here, iam totally chocked.

Its very easy to do what you often mention, make 10 accounts, go with some kind of martingale huge risk, lets say 800pip stoploss and target with like 20p. If you survive 6 months, migrate to darwinex and have 100% winrate, or something like that , all looks perfect and then just play roulette with darwinex and investors money.


:smiley: :smiley: where?

The averege net monthly wage is 1200 and I earn 1600 as graduated chemist.

If I were super-happy of my wage I had not started to trade and commit thousands of hours on that.

… and I cosider myself lucky, there is people without a stable job or with a loan to pay…

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Then iam very sorry, I just googled avarage wage in italy and took the first link on google.

Well, that clear up a few things…

Could you tell me, can I mention other darwins here without breaking rules? Iam not sure If I understand the leaderboard correct, but I can se in top 50, that there are darwins with migrated accounts and really nice profits that havent take a trade for several weeks, how can that be possible?

of 47 darwins with over 8000 equity

only 13 are profitable
7 have lost 30% or greater of account
15 have lost between 10-23% of account

only 4 have above 20% gain



Where did you look for that figures?

I find with the filter function 130 with equity > 9999 and 93 with any profit since inception , 50 with gain > 20% and only 10 with a loss > 30%.

Is that the difference of the 3 hours between our posts? :slight_smile:

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traders equity

sounds like you are using investor filter

No. @IlIlIlIlI is doing the filter correctly with trader’s equity > 9999

I watch the same results

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It does not matter what you migrate, to make performance fees you have to make new highs here after being invested or allocated.
It does not matter if you trade once per hour or once per month, if you grow 20% per year the performance fees will be the same.
I dont’ know about your experience as trader or investor but frequency has nothing to do with professionalism.

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good catch

but, i would still say , all one has to do is scroll through the equity curves of these 130 Darwins and it doesn’t really inspire the confidence that putte thinks a 10k account would provide. same erratic behaviour in majority of darwins

long trackrecord more important IMHO


Going back speaking about professionals.
Here professionals are very few.
Professional traders are hedge funds and to invest a hedge fund you have to be a professional investor with 100k or more, hedge funds dont’ waste their time with small investors that would sell after a couple of months of DD.
The average traders work below 5k but it is the same also for investors.
Amateur investors that aren’t happy with crap sold by banks look for talented amateur traders on social trading brokers.


Sorry maybe i was not totaly clear. If you check out “WYC” at place 26 in the leaderboard He migrated 2018-04-03, would you want to invest your life savings in a darwin that havent taken any trades since 1 year back from migration?