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Promoting Professional Debating Standards in Forum Communications

Recently I was talking to a professional from a very large institution; I was explaining my trading journey with Darwinex and the values of the company that I believe to be genuine in their endeavors to create a unique environment to find and fund talent that would otherwise be forever lost in obscurity.
However after reading through several postings and some recent altercations, personal attacks, accustations and personal negative bias towards people/traders/darwins I have to say I am dissapointed with the content and tenor on these forums which overshadows the quality content that does exist here.
If investors and major influencers read on the communty forum (which they surely will and are) what is Darwinex thinking by allowing this to continue in this current format with contributions mostly formed from personal opinions which are sometimes unprofessional and not evidence based?
Whilst I fully support free speech, there are other formats and venues for this which may be more appropriate (away from Darwinex).
I’m just not sure Darwinex is doing us or themselves any favours to attract serious, professional investors by hosting this content.
Cold hard facts attract investment, not stories, slanging matches or unprofessional self promotion.
Sorry come accross as negative but this community has potentially become a barrier to some serious people with an eye for due diligence.
I hope this post is received with the genuine desire for improvement that it was written for.

All the best.


I find the slanging matches tiresome and distracting, but tolerate it because the other content is useful and interesting.


Thank you for your comments and feedback @StriderFX - much appreciated :pray:

Yes, please rest assured that your comments were received in the good spirit they deserve and that they will be given due consideration :+1:

Thank you very much for your inputs - again, much appreciated.

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No, with all respect, I disagree. A clean up request is a request for censorship, and that is not needed in any community. Please think about your thoughts.

Only one fact attracts investors: profit. All the rest are stories and promotion. Professional investors know that.

This community is living, made by people, with different characters from different countries and very different background. Let them live and train your tolerance. Sometimes someone like @integracore2 is needed to keep the debates civil. And not more.


I think that the goal of a community is to provide a mean of communication between users, to discuss and learn from each other.
It is not an advertising tool for Darwinex.
Yesterday there were 4 active discussions, 3 were very useful, the fourth derailed into a quarrel but it is the price to pay for active brainstorming.
IMO there was a lot to learn even from the quarrel.
Here the content is provided by users, their goodwill, users with 10 years of experience provide more professional content than users with 2 years of experience.
Nobody is paid for this, professional content can be found on the Blog, where paid professionals write it.


Pal,that would be reverse marketing for Darwinex and they need it like a bullet to a knee.

I think it is opposite of that,criticisms are mostly backed by facts,there are plenty of facts in darwinex diagnostics and people also dig facts elsewhere and bring them here for scrutiny.There are many experienced and knowledgeable posters here,so it is really difficult for people who have,lets say,liberal attitude towards facts and reality.If you are irked because of recent discussion about HGF and it’s trader,that was actually nice example of self-cleaning of this platform-forum.If the trader wasn’t so confrontational and remained with only facts everything would stay very professional.So community,in addition to refuting the claims of unprofessional trader with facts,gave her back a bit of her own medicine.And community of traders and investors correctly once again predicted a bad outcome saving other users from losses.Read it from the beginning.

That train has already left the station.They allow migrating MT4 trackrecords from other brokers onto their investment platform and with full rights and privileges to boot(D-score,Ex attribute…). Serious investors will not tolerate this.Anyway there are no big investors here.Somebody tried a while ago but it ended quickly.Provider of GFA was talking big,but he didn’t bring any investors to the platform apart those that he already has for himself.That is very telling,because his darwin is full of bad trading and his investors prefer to stay with him,because they know him and have trust,while there are quite a few much better darwins to place their investments with,but apparently there is no trust.The same situation with JIR.Moral of the story:it is retail platform for retail traders and retail investors.Professional traders and investors have many other venues at their disposal,retail not so much.Darwinex is the best they have now and retail has trust and a lot of money as we saw with organic growth of HFD AuM.
Retail needs protection that Darwinex provides with Risk Manager,London regulation and forum like this,where they can read honest,factual criticisms provided by older,more experienced users.Of course without insults…


Thank you for the replies and I am grateful that my concerns have been taken seriously. I am sure we all have opposing views to various topics and can leave ego aside to bring quality discussions to the table.
I have been put off posting on the community for some time and would like to contribute but not in this current environment.


There are more than 20 active discussions per week, I think that a single quarrel is not representative of the quality of the community.

BTW I dont’ think some quarrel here is preventing professional investors to put millions.
If there were 10 darwins printing 20% per year with 5 years native trackrecord there would be a rain of millions even with 10 quarrels per day.


Try it out. The environment here can be individually different.


Considering many of us are in direct competition with each other for survival, I think this forum is generally quite civil and high in content.


@StriderFX Many thanks for going the extra mile in overcoming the resistance to post. I hear your pain and can’t express how grateful I am for your effort.

On the general community side of things - I personally look at this issue as a more general “evolution of the Internet” theme:

  • Internet 1.0 was hub and spoke. The “expert” amplified his voice (NYT webpage, newspapers, when they still carried substance, etc.), and we all listened (everyone sure spoke, but the mass would only hear those who made/bought their way to “experts”)
  • Twitter / Facebook gave everyone a loudspeaker. On the plus side it turned debate into a more accessible meritocracy. On the minus it’s created a whole lot of noise, precisely because you can’t selectively switch off trolls / people with a dubious agenda / etc.
  • Internet 3.0 will hopefully be about user curated communities (Quora, etc.) - everyone gets the opportunity to earn a voice, and repeat interactions separate the wheat from the chaff.

Our original ambition for the community was “darwinian” / “Internet 3.0” - a community “by traders, for traders” - specifically by and for traders committed to making a sustainable living from the market.

Now the current state of play is a lofty ambition that’s degenerated into a mess, not unlike what long term friends of Darwinex advised from day one. I’m personally torn between doing something about it, and pulling the plug. Interactions like this one revive my original hope.

I’d love your thoughts on how to make the community better:

  • Noise restriction: Restrict posting to traders with a track-record / other filtering criteria
  • Noise cancelling: Users mute specific contributions by users they choose to ignore
  • Your thoughts here?

(Bear in mind we can’t devote precious development resources to the community - ideally it’s a question of management, etc.)

Personally I think quality content + cutting this community into shape CAN gradually raise the bar and start attracting higher calibre contributors / contributions. I’m committed to posting my best to quality postings like yours (THANKS) once a week - as a preface to our weekly content production efforts (Brokernomics, etc.) which we’re going to scale up.

@StriderFX Your thoughts will be most welcome. The team inside Darwinex will bust our b…s to get there, but truth be told is - we won’t be able to pull our joint vision without you.



I would say that Darwinex forum community is solid and mature. Especially when comparing with others I know. Yes there are some nuances like everywhere. :slightly_smiling_face:


Even if I was not asked … :wink:

Would not help as the last sandbox fights here were between traders with a Darwin.

I thought that is available for readers. And that is the only acceptable position of this restriction. You could also build a protected area for Darwin and portfolio presentations where only the trader of the Darwin or portfolio can write about it.

Open discussions about Darwins and obviously misleading or wrong statements must be possible, otherwise investors will pay the price.


Here almost everyone has a trackrecord while on other “trading” forums almost nobody has one.
I think meritocracy is a step forward while censorship is a step back.
On the main site we have 1% investable darwins so the level of professionalism is not so high, we cannot pretend a 100% clean and professional community.


Hello Juan

Thank you for your reply.

Firstly I would like to say that the community has some excellent content and some excellent contributors.

I should explain in more detail the cause for my post which is derived from being a long time client of Darwinex and a long time student of the markets trying to make it over the line to become a professional trader. After many, many years as a discretional, manual trader I do feel the hard yards have been worth it and the rewards will be worth the resilience and time invested so far. So frustration with some posters finally boiled over, trading is hard enough!

I do not have a computer science background, I am not a quant or an EA developer. To be completely honest and direct with you a large part of what Darwinex has to offer and the speed it seems to go from one sprint to the next often leaves me way behind. So much so that I struggle to explain “in one sentance” to a friend or potential investor how each attribute is calculated and how a Darwin is scored because there are so many variables to each strategy over a sample of thousands of traders.

What I lack in mathematical technical knowledge is hopefully balanced with 25 years commercial experience. Enough to spot an own goal scored, which sadly I think is where we are at in the community.

To pull the plug would eliminate any potential liability regarding misleading promotions by “providers” whether they intentionally mislead potential investors or not is a moot point. I know you have disclaimers but I wouldn’t want to be tested in court with the forum in its current format. If I were a betting man my money would be safe on the consumer not the provider in English/UK Law in my humble opinion.

However, having said that there are some really good contributors with interesting views, content and performance to match what they say. @StokesBay is a good example I feel.

So to lose this and their contributions would be a pity and not justified given their time to write such content.

I know I have come under some criticism and some say I am calling for censorship but you know what? That is exactly what I am asking for because to post on a community provided forum attached to a website promoting financial products belonging to an FSA registered company comes with responsibility which should not be an automatic right. It should be earned, retained and valued. Quantity of posts is no measure, nor is “timeserved” on a forum or number of likes/followers.

Some say that this is a meritocracy, a democracy, well it’s not. The uncomfortable truth is that you are trying to please everyone, all of the time. As we know, this cannot be achieved.

By having traders, investors, potential duplicitous individuals, honest people, angry people, frustrated trolls, customers, employees all in the same melting pot is quite an experiment.

So my views are certainly going to oppose those that use forums as a serious hobby, I make no apologies for that. I can speak from personal experience using forums/communities that I have gained mentors, friends and knowledge from them. I know the value first hand.

This community can offer tremendous value and help traders/investors but it has reached a point where it can also just as quickly ruin a trader/investor depending on a point of view or/and misguided ego fuelled “knowledge/experience” by a few.

I understand the motives of suspicion/scrutinisation by contributors and I have absolutely no sympathy for a Darwin provider leading by the chin and getting knocked out either but how this is approached may be fun to some or righteous to others it is just plain unprofessional on both sides. There are many recurring examples throughout the forum not just recent cases of this.

I am sorry but I have no answers to the issues that you are concerned about but possibly a start could be:

  • Clearly separating a traders helping traders community discussing only trading related topics.

  • Clearly separating an investors helping investors community relating to only Darwin investment topics.

  • You have to have a relevant trading (live) or investment (live) account to post.

Here’s the rub though, I don’t believe it is right to have traders discussing directly with investors and vice versa in this current format. The conflict of interest, potential for corruption and potential legal/moral ramifications are pretty obvious.

So what do you do with traders who are also investors? This needs some more thoughtful mapping out with motivations individually disclaimed.

Finally, I reiterate again, nobody has the right to be disrespectful or to slander with impunity because they are hiding behind a screen. Hosting them here whilst they are also clients needs more thought… zero tolerance will mean closed accounts…If they don’t like it, what are they doing here in the first place?

I will continue my trading journey with Darwinex and will still refer trading friends here because I have bought into the ethos and the service is great. Thanks for listening!


1 (one) guy came around the corner to change the community by killing the existing one first…
Maybe we (better: Darwinex) should start a survey about that.

No chance for newbees to ask a question while testing Darwinex with a demo account or portfolio what they should do before they open a real account or portfolio.

Where do you see yourself in your idea - with your Darwin results?


Totally against this clean up thing.
Personal attacks are already “cleaned up” by moderators.
Criticisms to a Darwin or trader’s behavior are gold for investors and, by the way, traders have the chance to reply to criticisms, giving his/her own side of the story, that contributes to know more about the Darwin and about the trader.

I’m thinking about HFD. There’s been a whole new thread about it and investors (like CavaliereVerde, if I remember well) were reading all the criticisms and trader’s reply to consider whether to invest or not in that Darwin.

I’m thinking about FSK and the discussion about whether or not the trader was trustworthy after leaving dozens (maybe hundreds) of investors with a bag full of **** and creating another Darwin with great scores out of the blue.

Probably @StriderFX was talking about the thread on HGF. I agree, that was pointless for the most part, but still kind of useful.
The trader there called me a scammer, she offended many other people of this community in the past and claimed that her strategy was the best in here and, I quote, “would have crushed all the other Darwins over time”.
I decided to shut up for weeks, until it went over my tolerance level, when I saw her justifying all of that with the coronavirus story. Investors who followed her on ForexFactory, got involved in that non-sense, believing in the story of the coronavirus, dreaming that the account could magically go back to profit. They lost thousands over thousands of dollars.
How much investors of this community lost? I believe ZERO, and I believe that this is also because here some people have the courage to call the bullshit without half measures when they see one. It might not look professional in some cases, but I don’t think it hurts investors, I think it’s the opposite.


In my opinion this is the best feature of this forum, it happens only here ad it is our added value.

Look to topics like NTI , ERQ , JGC , those discussions between traders and investors are PURE GOLD !

Some discussions turn to gold, some others turn to rubbish but we cannot predict it in advance. :wink:


My idea is to limit TL0 and TL1 to post only the “Ask the Community” cathegory.
You can post a darwin topic only at TL2 “Member” when you have a decent knowledge of the community.
Understanding forum trust levels

The right to write should be earned 200% agree… :slight_smile:

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I’m agains a clean up. Some threads are very valuable for me as an investor to filter out traders that do not seem to have an appropritate mindset to trade and take calm and logical decisions if positions go south.

Community flagging of posts and closing threads that escalated to insults of no value already show that inappropriate behaviour is not what we wish to see here.

Personally I think the darwinex community is the only forex forums worth being a member of.