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Promoting Professional Debating Standards in Forum Communications

There are 1800 topics in this community in 3 years of activity.
As far as I remember less than 10 topics required flagging, moderating or delisting.
There are 2700 users and only 2 were suspended or banned.

I think this is the cleanest trading forum ever created.


I would prefer the opposite: downgrade the very few members getting flagged after reviewing the flag, violating the rules or posting provocations in foreign threads.

Otherwise you will never get valuable content from new members.

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Flags prevent users to reach higher trust levels, so it is consistent with my suggestion to limit the rights to new users at TL0 and TL1 .

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Flags should be reviewed and removed if not appropriate so flagging cannot be abused for personal conflicts.

A warning mail should be sent once before downgrading a member.


Why not to require TL2 to post a new darwin topic?

  1. Know the community
  2. Use the community

3 posts were split to a new topic: On automatically closing topics

While I agree that committing real money is a proof of seriousness I am against buying the right to write in the community.

I prefer how discourse algos work, you earn rights and trust by posting useful content and helping other users.

You can be a troll and trade with 10k but if you are a troll you don’t collect 500 likes on your comments.


I would not be so catastrophic but to be honest I was expecting a bit more debate and cosultation before a heavy reshaping of the community.
It seemed quite fair to listen to those 20 persons that produce valuable content every day.
Even if I agree on raising the bar I am a bit perplex that it came because of a request of a sinlge user.


HGF is not lost, but deleted from the search engine and removed from the latest list.

So the value for new investors to learn to evaluate the activities of a very special trader is down to zero.

If you mean this one, the stop migrations thread is still here but closed.

I also did not find it in the search engine, maybe they also deleted it there.

If all after 30 days closed threads are deleted from the search list, that should be discussed with open minds
To do that without communication, destroys confidence. Nobody here knows that he might be writing for a kind of daily newspaper disappearing tomorrow or next month.

@juancolonbo Please be professional and tell us the whole volume of the changes. A hidden clean up is not found in the content you wrote here or in the new community rules

Thank you in front.


Although I rarely post I read this Forum quite often. I am VERY saddened by the heavy handed aproach the company is taking here.

This WAS one of the best Forex Forums I have seen. If it is only to become a cheering section for Darwinex most people will leave. Is that what the company wants?

If I had my way, which I obviously don’t, I would totally reset the Community to it’s previous form. Then take a month or so and have some open discussion about what changes if any need to be made. Then the company should take their time in digesting those discussions and make appropriate changes - if any at all are needed.

Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:


I didn’t think it would take long for this to take a personal turn as is the consistent tone from, interestingly enough the only posters who seem to be replying to my post in a defensive manner.
As for my website, I started a blog to write about my trading that I have been developing for some time now. I haven’ t promoted my Darwin here and would not for the reasons of my post which was by the way a genuine post with no other agenda than to request some professionalism here.
As I mentioned an ex colleague who is head of risk for a large investment bank read my first postings on the blog and invited me to talk about what I have been up to for the past few years. It was a nice catch up and he mentioned he was going to check out Darwinex, that very night I logged on and saw the quality of postings (across the board) had denigrated into something of a small group of seemingly entitled posters running the show, almost as this actually is Darwinex.
I have been trading with Darwinex for awhile now and would like to see what I believe is on the cusp of something great for aspiring traders come to realisation.
I don’t need self promotion here to be successful in my trading endeavors, or to get investment.
Look in the mirror guys and honestly ask yourselves, is this your best work?
This is my final post I and I wish you all good luck in your trading and future endeavours.

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Sorry, it does not help if you flag others’ posts.

You violated the commmunity policy:

Destructive participation not only hurts the experience of other participants on the forum, it hurts Darwinex, very seriously.

## What is constructive commentary?

Constructive does not mean “always happy, joyous, full of love and life and never anything else”.

Commentary and general discourse may well need to be “questioning" at times, in search of answers relevant to investing decisions, for example.

What “constructive” DOES imply is that before posting anything on the forum, it is imperative for you to ensure that your contribution ticks the following boxes:

:heavy_check_mark: Is it professionally stated?

:heavy_check_mark: Does it add value to the conversation? e.g. if you are being sarcastic, that is a personal tendency, not one that will help drive a constructive conversation. So don’t do it, period.

So I flagged your post for review by moderators. It stays visible until decision.
If you think I am wrong, please tell me what the value of your post could be.


The thread was “unlisted”, that is correct.

Unlisted is a status whereby a thread can no longer bump itself to the top of Latest listings.

This was done to prevent the ongoing warfare on that thread from negatively impacting everyone else’s experience on the forum (the Latest section is the default listing for all forum participants).

People who have been participating in that conversation can simply view their own posting histories to get back to that thread and continue conversing there as normal.

There are no hidden cleanups in play.

Nor any other conspiratorial regimes behind the scenes.

The forum cannot be a place where negativity by a handful of people creates a toxic environment for other participants.

If people believe that these toxic threads ridden with warfare are helpful to investors, as seems to be the theme being pushed by a few users on this thread, then please do furnish actual evidence that corroborates this and I will personally see to it that it is reviewed.

Hi @seastar3,

Kindly point me to anything in the moderation policy that appears heavy handed - this is a genuine request.

As was stated on the policy thread, the policy is open to revision if it can be made better such as to create a better environment for all participants.

Thank you.

Hi again @seastar3,

Could you kindly point me to where in our community guidelines and moderation policy we appear to be giving that impression?

This is a genuine question.

If even one person believes this, I consider this a communication failure…

Please, if you and anyone else could be as specific as possible in pointing out where this is being implied, that will assist greatly with providing feedback and improving communication as regards this issue.


Could you please elaborate on what investors were learning and what categorises HGF as special (or at least more special than any other DARWIN provider)?

This is a genuine question.

Thank you.

Sorry it doesn’t work that way.The accuser must furnish the evidence.We are not in Inquisition here.You claim that it is toxic thread,you provide the evidence for that.Stop abusing your power.I provided analysis and facts from other platform(eToro),which correctly predicted what will happen to HGF.Rational investors were saved.
What warfare was there in Migrations thread?

Ok, so let’s say you’re right and I am wrong.

Could you kindly elaborate on what makes the HGF thread useful to new investors?

Please understand that I am asking all these questions here in good faith and with genuine intent :slightly_smiling_face:

Moderators are human beings just like you.

There’s no such thing as abuse of power, it is a moderator’s job to ensure the forum remains habitable for all participants.

With your help in the form of more detail into what you think the evil moderators have missed, you will help make the forum a better place by default.

Please understand that moderators are your friends, nothing less :slightly_smiling_face:


They were learning how to recognize a dangerous overconfident loss averse guru.
I lost some money 6 years ago because of those kind of traders, many investors arrive on Darwinex with the same low experience I had 6 years ago.


Thx for your answer, I assume, we don*t need Juan personally for clearing the points. :wink:

I can accept that a thread is delisted for a period (like one or two weeks) until the sandbox war in it is over. I can also agree that it should disappear from the latest list (for the same period of time) if there is some fight on it to cool it down asap.

It should appear in the search list again just because there are investors on it. I’m also sure that they want to find content again, for example for the time when they started their journey on that Darwin. If they didn’t post there, they are lost suddenly. A review after weeks helps learning. To be lost and think it was deleted is not nice.
If I got the new structure right, investors should open a new thread as “Darwin XXX investors discussion” for their own thoughts.

Same is with the migration stuff. Is that also delisted? Or is there another reason why I didn’t find it on the search?

Most important point to know: do (automatically) closed threads stay in the search list?