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PYS - xmkongkong

I have 8 years forex trading experience;
I started darwinex live trading for 2 years, it’s the first time to leave message in COMMUNITY.

In the past year, my live trading account got +118% profit,and my darwin-PYS got +5% profit, it’s not good enough, but I believe my darwin-PYS will match my live trading account better in the future.

My trading plan in the coming days:
1) focus on Gold, trend trading;
2) expected return +30~50% per year;
3) maximum drawdown around -40%;

Your attention & investment will be sincerely appreciated.:smiley:
Just keep patient and confidence!:v:


It seems to be like a Martingale

Hi Rafamacias, thanks for your message!
My trading strategy is very different from Martingale.

I get the profit from unilateral trend, and bear the lost in oscillation trend, and I avoid frequent trading.
Cut the losses, let profits run!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s a good day my darwin-PYS stand above 100 score, although it takes a long time to achieve it :wink:
PYS won the DarwinIA trading challenge at 36nd ranking with $15000 allocation on Nov,2016, and make profit $2403.30 after 6 months.

Kindly remind :smiley::
If you’re interesting in my darwin-PYS, pls keep it longer than 3-6 months.
The maximum drawdown is about -20%, and it drawdown more, the better time for buying.
Just keep patient and confidence! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Achieve an investor on my darwin-PYS last week, thanks! :blush:
And got the darwins filter [on fire] today.
Keep calm & carry on.:sunglasses:


hi @xmkongkong,
good work!, not recognized yet!

all the best,

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