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QAJ - Just Next Level

Hi Everyone

My name is Quintin and I am pleased to introduce my first Darwin QAJ.

Although this is my first Darwin, I am not new to trading or Investing. I bought my first shares in 1995 and have been intrigued by the Stock Market ever since. Over many years I have developed a program called the Next Level Share Selection Program (NLSSP), which is revolutionary in its approach to selecting shares or assets for trading and have only recently come to full fruition. (Read more here.) The program is extremely complex in selecting assets and calculating entry and exit points for each trade.

I am an Engineer, Quantitative Analyst, Member of Mensa, and an expert in Investing/Trading. My case studies have stretched across many Investing and Trading sectors and my major breakthrough came a couple of years ago when analyzing the characteristics of shares and share prices just before and after their major Bull trends. I have developed my own metrics and Indicators for share price behavior, and this has led me to an Indicator that always predicts the correct trend for any asset.

Mainly because of this indicator, my winning trades are typically between 75-95% as long as assets are kept for the ideal time duration. The NLSSP was first used on a real Investment Portfolio in June 2019 until Jan 2020 and gained 55% in 6 months where the JSE lost about 2% over the same period. Several other pseudo portfolios have been created since to allow backtesting and improve on the metrics used, all having exceptional results.

In February 2020 I realized how impressive this program was and started a 3 months (Good “long”, Bad “Benchmark” and Ugly “short”) pseudo portfolio challenge from 12 Feb to 15 May 2020 on a public Forum. The goal was to prove how good this program works and I vowed to eat my hat if the results did not end as I predicted. The results were very impressive as both portfolios outperformed either way by quite some margin. See the results here

I also created a CFD account with IG markets from 1 April 2020 to do some more tests with CFD’s and using a risk manager I developed. It made 223% growth in the first month and all the trades and results can be viewed in this post.

During my Darwin creation over the past 5 weeks, I had to revert to shorter time-frames and had to enter more trades than normal, to obtain enough experience for my Darwin to be listed within the 31 day period. More can be read on my website forum here. Although my underlying strategy has done +9,04% thus far, the QAJ Darwin does not offer the same return for my Investors yet. I did give an explanation on my Forum yesterday and I plan on addressing this issue straight away and will post on this in the days to come.

I am thankful for Darwinex in developing this platform to allow traders like me to benefit from my trading strategies, and it has opened a new door for me going forward.
Also a special thanks to @ignacio and his team for their support thus far. You guys are stellar!

As with my 3 months challenge I will once again vow to eat my hat or any Veil creation, should one of my first 3 Darwins not achieve the goals as explained in this post and ultimately be the Darwin with the highest return over the first 12 month period of all Darwins on this platform. As explained, it might sound cocky, but it will keep me on my toes and ensure I deliver the results. Anyone is welcome to challenge me in not achieving this goal and risk eating their hat or Surstromming.

My stock selections are not selected by throwing darts at a newspaper. I know what my program can do; how it selects Stocks, and over time it will outperform every strategy dealing in the same assets. I do take the responsibility of other people’s money serious.

Thank you for everyone’s time and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have. If you have decided to Invest in my Darwin, thank you once more, and if not, please keep an eye on QAJ, at least for interest’s sake.

Kind Regards and safe trading



Morning Everyone

Some good news regarding our QAJ Darwin (Perfect Aggressive Portfolio), and our soon to be (Perfect Stocks Portfolio) Darwin.

We will be increasing the trading amount on both soon, and this will ensure that the returns for the Investors will correlate much closer with the returns of the Underlying Trading Strategy.

Below are our Demo Portfolio - and QAJ (Underlying Strategies) since inception. The demo portfolio has started with $10000 which makes the minimum trade sizes perfect for our Share Selection Program. It has done 24,49% over the 2 month since started and still boasts a 100% winning trade record.


QAJ has 77,78% winning trades which is close to the 80% we expect to maintain. We did have to increase the number of trades to get the Darwin listed at the start of July, which caused some premature trades to happen.

We should now get the VaR from 42% to the 15% level and ultimately to 10-12,5% where we would like to run the Aggressive Portfolio’s risk.

Our Stocks Portfolio and Demo Portfolios are based on Balanced Risk and should be at around 7,5-10% (VaR)

Enjoy your day

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