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QFE - by TheDigitalMind

Hi Investors & Traders,

First of all, I want to thank Darwinex and the whole team for providing this great alternative investment platform as well as the forum section for everyone to share their thoughts freely.

This month my Darwin QFE celebrated its first birthday, got its second Darwinia allocation and reached an Experience of 10. So, I thought it is about time to introduce my Darwin, as well as a bit of myself.

About the Darwin:
QFE only operates within Darwinex.
I am manually trading a rather wide portfolio of instruments on different timeframes (e.g. examining higher timeframes like the 4-hour, daily or weekly). Therefore, I am searching for signs of reversals on key price levels, as well as trend continuation setups. Trades are entered on lower timeframes, based on specific price action patterns. -> No usage of lagging indicators. The only indicators I use for some visual guidance are Fibonacci retracements, pivots and manually drawn harmonic patterns.
Trade duration depends on many factors. Such as: upcoming news, volatility and price action around support/resistance areas.

Future outlook:

  1. Constant improvements of my trading as well as of my mental skills to achieve better performance with less drawdown involved. -> higher LA and a VAR of ±10%
  2. As this is my personal trading/investment account I am going to increase the balance over time.

About me:
Back in 2011 I found out about trading. First it led me towards CFDs, but after reading a lot on forums I drifted towards Forex. Of course, I rushed in and burned a few small accounts by following the “get rich quick” dreams as most beginners do. After some periods of losing and feeling like I got ripped off by market, I stepped back and took a break from trading. But I always felt that desire to get back to trading and do it right. So, I was taking the long path of defining my own way to interpret and trade the markets what led me from breaking even to earning back the money I had lost the years before. Then I found out about Darwinex in the beginning of 2018 and joining them in April 2018 was probably one of the best decisions, regarding brokers and trading environment, I ever have made. Since I am manually trading my Darwin QFE and watching how trading decisions affect its Investable Attributes, it helped me to reflect my trading decisions even more and pushed me towards improving my trading.



Hi @TheDigitalMind !
Congrats for your results !
You are on my watchlist, despite the low LA score you are not a “trade and hope” trader, it is clear from a manual analysis of assets and timeframes and trading journal.
I noticed a mild correlation with ULI , it is normal and confirms that both darwins work on h4 d1 and w1.
A real pity that you have only 5 investors. Keep on!

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I think your numbers look good. Surprised you don’t have more investors by this stage - you certainly have the capacity!


Thank you @CavaliereVerde ,

nice to know being on your watchlist. I am following the progress of your Live and Demo portfolios from time to time. – Great work and transparency!

Yes, I kind of like to work with timeframes h1+ as it takes stress out from my trading.

It looks like a lot of manually traded Darwins are based on higher timeframes, so there will always be some correlation with one or another said Darwin. But that`s ok, it’s good to have some form of direct competition other than by comparing the pure performance metrics.

As I am not in a hurry to get as much investors/AUM as possible, I am fine with a slowly growing number of investors.

Thanks to DarwiniA there is still some great opportunity to get investments without the need to solely rely on investors.


Thank you @StokesBay!

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