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Questions about partial closes

I am just wondering how Darwinex is handling partial closes.

If i open ONE trade but i close it with 2 or more partials.

The Darwin would hopefully copy it and make a partial close as well?! Is there any Darwin using this already? Leverage should decrease while open trades stay the same.

Does Darwinex view this as one trade and uses the average (Divergence, La, Mc, …)

Or does Darwinex view them as different trades?

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As I understand it, the Risk Manager works in a Position Centric manner. As soon as the exposure of a position varies upward, there is recalculation and creation of a new position with a different reference number.

I studied the trading log of your Darwin BAD to try to observe whether a decrease in exposure without change in the number of trade triggers a new position with a new reference number. And the answer and yes :


Ummm … I’m actually wondering if the phenomenon of creating new positions I highlighted is actually due to partial closures which is not logical considering that D-Leverage is increasing.

I would rather advise for the automatic intervention of the Risk Manager after the 30 minutes, etc. As explained here:

A case study is clearly simpler when analyzing its own trades :wink:

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Good morning @easyFX,

as @Medialux has pointed out, the moment you decide to partially close one trade, a new position will be created. Darwinex will recalculate both the D-Leverage of that newly created position and the VaR of the underlying trading strategy.

Therefore, the answer to your question is YES, Darwinex do takes into account partially closed trades.

Please take a look at this article if you want to know more about the difference between a trade and a position,

Have a wonderful weekend :wink:


The funny thing is… i dont use partial close or somthing similar so far. I think what you found is caused by opening up a trade at same moment i closed the old one. And also it seems Darwinex is recalculating D-Leverage if a new day started. So an overnight position will have a little change.