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Questions For The "Trader Nation" Podcast In The Form Of Voice Notes

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve started a podcast with the title “Trader Nation” in which we examine the structural problems in financial markets that hold your trading back.

You can be an active part of this podcast by sending your questions for Juan Colón in the form of voice notes. You can do this by adding the number +34 650 21 11 36 to your mobile phone contact list and sending a voice note using Whatsapp or Telegram. Please follow these simple rules when sending your question:

  • Send a voice note, not a text message
  • Be concise (approx. 1 minute maximum)
  • Keep it simple: one question per voice note
  • Present yourself (your name or Darwinex username)
  • Kindly send questions only in the following languages: English, French, German or Chinese

Every time a sufficient number of questions gets accumulated, we’ll make a Q&A episode of the podcast.


Whats the topic range? All about Darwinex/Trading universe at all? Or just about “general financial markets”?

Just wondering if feature requests are valid :sweat_smile:

*edit since when you have someone understanding german? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Topic range goes from the topics covered by existing episodes to general trading / finance topics and also topics specifically related to the Darwin Exchange. Feature requests are, however, not questions that can be answered in a podcast episode, so it would be better to share them here on the community forum or send them to

Several people speak German at Darwinex, since the beginning :slight_smile: though we don’t have customer support set up in German.

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Wondering why you can pull translated sub-titles on some of the podcasts posted on Youtube, like this one

whereas on other recordings the option is not offered

Is that because the audio quality is not good enough for detection ?

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Good question! I don’t seem to be able to replicate your options with my YouTube account (can’t see English subtitles based on autogenerated Spanish subtitles). We’ll investigate this and enable the option for all videos, if possible.

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On my side, it takes 5 steps to access translations into other languages than spanish.
At first, I’m also only offered spanish, then I have to do it again a second time to unlock the other languages.

However, the real problem happens when there is no “Subtitles/CC ” option to begin with at step 1 …

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Thank you for teaching me this! My conclusion is that YouTube can autogenerate the transcript from some videos but not from others. Their transcript-generator in Spanish is not (yet) as good as the English one.

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