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Quick question on BOT

@bianka or @ignacio… can you guys confirm the Darwin provider behind BOT is a Darwinex employee? Thanks a lot.

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As a darwin provider, I’d like to hear from Darwinex owners their opinion this matter:

  • Can Darwinex employees run a darwin?

  • If yes, are they allowed to state they are Darwinex employees in the darwin description?

Thanks in advance.

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I wish there were more traders writing the truth in the description, not the usual bullshit like 20 years experience or team of quants.

ULI is from the founder @javicolonbo
PLF is from @integracore2 that works for Darwinex since 2017

Telling the truth should not be a problem.


Yes, of course, the truth is always welcome, also expected.
However, the truth can be a bad or good thing.
Personally, I’d prefer that employees and owners don’t trade in Darwinex, and I also think that if they are allowed to do it, they shouldn’t state it, I believe some investors and traders will find it as an advantage.

I always say the truth, like giving a controversial opinion in this matter, what for sure you and other people will disagree about, but I am an honest person and I have to say what I think regardless what others think about it.


You are right and as investor I need it, working for Darwinex does not mean that you are the best in the world but at least certifies honesty and commitment.
Trackrecord and numbers are not enough to state value and predict future performance, you need to know the person, the manager of the trading business.

Well, I don’t think they should take advantage of that. All darwins should have the same opportunity. Is if fair? It is not to me. M2cents

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Sorry, even if you repeat it again and again … but performance is, was and will be never made by these honorable qualities.

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Their??? The advantage is mine! :smiley_cat:
The advantage is for those 20-50 investors that know the value of this privileged information and do not stop only on return chart.
Not a coincidence that the question comes from @Qaytarlah that is looking for true traders with long and credible trackrecords.


Every investor is looking for true traders with long and credible trackrecords. But that’s not the point and you know that.
And it is not an advantage for you, being a Darwinex employee “per sé” is not an skill, not an advantage at least he/she uses confidential information (I don’t think so, but make sense to think that even it is not confidential info, they can hear or see things that you can not see ever).
Other than that, only in your mind a Darwinex employee certify more honestly than any other person…we’ll I do’t know what’s the logic behind that statement.
Regardless anything, stating someone is Darwinex employee means (to me) that that trader think it is an advantage, and I think it is not fair for other fellow traders.

Oh yeah, may I introduce the trading account of PAX, the brother in law of BOT? :joy::joy:

If the unknown trader didn’t start at Darwinex as an employee in August 2018 I don’t believe in any usable content of any Darwinex insider information. If it is a honest Darwinex employee he has to trade in line with the compliance rules which means he can have restrictions on his trading as an additional risk that could cost him performance as he is not allowed to trade in specific situations if he CAN have access to any insider information (whatever that should be on Forex markets).


If you work for Darwinex and you are dishonest they fire you. Makes sense…

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Every company fire dishonest employees, however it doesn’t prevent that some of them aren’t. You are implying that any employee of Darwinex is honest or more honest than other people, and this is 100% false. I mean, they can be honest, but not because they work in Darwinex.

The whole point of our disagreements is that you are not an investor, you never tried to trust other traders.
You deal with trading like a sport where other competitors are fair and honest on average.

I am trying to find true traders from 7 years with scarce success but with this significant experience I can assure you that “traders” that you find on social trading sites are dishonest on average.
They are unable to make money beating the market so they decide to make money impressing investors with lucky stuff.

This is the reason I tend to be unrespectful, these “traders” are guilty untilt they prove to be innocent.
In this context honesty is priceless.

I think Darwinex employees are better than average persons and I am sure that they are far more honest than the average guy that produce an attractive trackrecord on social trading sites.

Working for Darwinex does not prove an edge and does not turn people into traders, there are 3 investable darwins and 40 employees.

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No really, the main disagreement is that you said because a person is employee of Darwinex, this person is certified honest…I can’t accept that at all. I believe equal a Darwinex employee than any other person, he/she can be a trader or an investor, it doesn’t matter.

I don’t know who is honest, I don’t know really, what I say is that all darwins and all investors have to start from the same line and have exactly the same opportunities. I don’t discriminate anyone, I don’t wish anyone have any advantage over others.

People is people, there is not such a thing that traders are more dishonest than investors, or Darwinex employees are more honest than Brittish Airlines ones. People is people everywhere.

You are biased against traders just because you have suffered bad experiences, but that’s unfair. Investors can not be dishonest, but they also want to make money the easy way, same than some traders…There are delusional people everywhere. Haven’t you read some investors complaining about why Darwinex didn’t stop their loses? You are an smart person, please express unbiased opinions.

Based on what? I don’t think you even believe that (you just want to believe it).

I agree with the first part (working there don’t turn them in good traders). However, if I was the owner of Darwinex, I’d make all employees sign a clause to avoid trading and share any information to anyone outside Darwinex, like the CIA officers. I wouldn’t risk the credibility of my business because an employee mistake, but this is me. Maybe I am too much strict, but if I have to evaluate pros and cons, I don’t have doubt about it.

When I read your comments, sometimes I think you are not fair, you have a lot of anger against traders. It is not healthy.

Sorry, I must disagree here. Money laundering is a more important issue in the trading industry than you might imagine, and that affects traders and investors, just on social trading platforms.

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Yes, of course. I am not questioning where the money come from, same way I don’t know where the trader money come from either. But, once you invest in a darwin, you can not do anything except take your money out. So, as investor in Darwinex you can not be dishonest. I hope it is more clear now.

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Yes, we can confirm that he is.

He makes a short appearance is the podcast episode recorded last December in Darwinex’s Madrid office. (Note: we promise we’ll make something like this in English soon.)


Short answer to both questions: yes.

Detailed explanation in this podcast episode. (Again, we’ll cover this in English as well soon.)


Where can I get some of those owl mugs?


I wouldn’t have worded it as @CavaliereVerde did, but I do agree with the line of thought behind…

I operate under the assumption that Darwinex’s founders are honest and genuine, hence to be a Darwinex employee Vs being a complete internet stranger does give me some factual useful information about that person. Ofc, there’s no guarantee about its honesty or trading edge, but I think it’s undeniably a relevant and factual piece of information.

The specific reason for which I believe a Darwinex employee is more likely to be honest are: Again, this is a statistical environment, we’re not working with facts but assumptions, likelihoods and risks.

  • It’d be really bad press for Darwinex if one of it’s employees tries to get money out of investor with dishonest martinagala practices. So but there are chances such Darwin has gone through, at least, some implicit scrutinity the rest of the Darwins don’t.

  • Companies like Darwinex will do their best to hire capable honest people. Ofc, they may fail and accidentally hire morons and dishonest people, but overall I think it’s fair to state that a Darwinex employee has more chances at being honest about its Darwin relative to an internet stranger I have no information of.

Personally, everytime I look at a Darwin there’s two big things to consider:

A) Is the person behind honest and genuinely trying to do his or her best to achieve profit in a way that his or her interest is COMPLETELY aligned with investors?
B) What is his mathematical edge relative to other Darwins?

To me, A is much more important and easier to aproximate than B. I am not saying A is enough, it’s not.