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Quick question on BOT

I understand what you mean, and I agree with some of your statements.

However there are two things I disagree with (I have to, otherwise I’d assume that you, me or any other person are less honest than Darwinex employees).

  1. Even we can trust Darwinex because is a regulated company, its employees are not regulated, they are just employees like is any other person in the world. The company you work for doesn’t make you good or bad person. If I’d think they are better, I’d be automatically assuming that you or me are less honest than them, just because we are not Darwinex employees. It is a principle for me that everyone deserve the same opportunity. So, I trust them same way I trust you (nothing until you or them gain my trust).

  2. I think employees of a broker shouldn’t be able to trade. It is not about transparency (because they state they are employees), it is about being above any suspicion. This is an already controversial environment, so as company I’d try to be as neat as possible (and never is too much).

Sorry, that is not true in Europe generally, besides I don’t know the Darwinex rules. They are also regulated by compliance agreements which are under the same supervision authority as the company.

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Are you saying the FCA has a contract with every Darwinex employee? It’d be wonderful.

So, even if this is true, they could have privileged information, so I’d still disagree with them trading.

Anyway, it is my point of view, and I am not going to change it, because it is based on my principles. I was told many years ago and I never forgot it “If you are a lady you don’t have only to look like a lady, but you have to behave like one”. It means, you can be honest, but it is not enough, you have to behave like one and be above all possible suspicion".

So, to avoid any possible problem or being suspicious of confidentially breach, it is better to put rules to prevent them. What does Darwinex gain allowing their employees trading?

Anyway, it is their business, and I appreciate they expose it publicly, so everyone know what to do.

Thanks for your thoughts, I hope you respect mines.

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I thnk this can be considered an official answer.
While the return of a random darwin can be due to luck, if the return is produced by an educated person it is more likely to be alpha.

Return can be acheived with account farming, being a Darwinex employee cannot.