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Regularity should be more tolerant

What about to delete Darwinia?

So nobody complaint and everyone is focused in his trading and investors?

An axcellent idea , isn’t it?

You can try to make a poll and ask the community.
If you are lucky you will reach 25 votes. :joy: :joy:


It’s a good idea but I’m affraid that has no utility.

If community was a parliment that vote the laws yes but it’s not the case.

I think darwinia is more negative that positive for darwinex.

Maybe must think oanother form of allocations that not depends on monthly basis.

Well, i can’t complain about my DarwinIA experiences :wink:

And DarwinIA was the reason why i started trading here, because i knew i can make it and that most likely private investors are bit scared of my rough equity curve, but DarwinIA dont care :slight_smile:

And about someone who is complaining that a month with low activity is not nice,… at least you have it much easier to reach 100% in the following 3 month… :wink: you can’t say this about return/Dscore.

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It depends on the maturity of investors, also Winton has avery bumpy curve but manages hundreds of millions since 20 years.
Darwinia can be smarter than noob investors. :slight_smile:

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My own little cent on Activity is that it should remain the way it is. Obviously, it’s a good thing on the part of Darwinex as it prevents traders from being lucky on one huge position. I don’t believe at all that it will make traders to overtrade instead it will even encourage traders to make that trade which they might be hesitant about. As I mentioned in a previous thread, hesitancy in taking positions is one of the killers of manual trades. Some of you here are much aware that I have heavily criticized some of the rules of DarwiniA especially giving non performing older accounts more privilege than newer accounts. In summary, Darwinex should incorporate other factors for weighting in DarwinA aside Activity, Return and Exp.


But still

D score 55.14 Return 0.81 % Activity 70.63 % Number 1

D score 65.40 Return 14.28 % Activity 44.22 % Number 5



But well… it is May 4th, not 31st… Let’s see who finishes first.

This just confirms that it’s easy to reach a high value of Activity for every DARWIN regardless of their trading.

As commented above, it is relatively easy to reach 80% but it’s complicated to reach 100%.

So, the “minimum amount” of trading that has been mentioned, say 85% or 90% or whatever, is present but in a nonlinear formula.


It happens every month, and if you are expert on Darwinex you know it . :wink:

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How we can reach a 40 or 70 % activity in just 4 days of trading remains un mistery for me.

Simple, you trade 10 times per month for 3 months, than the 4th month you trade 10 times on the first 3 days.
Having said that it is completely useless to have high activity at the beginning of the month.
Often it just means that you are changing strategy.

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I am really considering the purpose of this whole metric.
In the end we need to trade well and capture consistent returns for our investors.
Monitoring average exposure in the market over a rolling average of quarters is one way to do it that also is pretty easy to code/program to automatically check for by the system.
All other more complex considerations of proper exposure for a certain strategy would be too hard to measure and therefore would require too much manual work on the part of Darwinex.

As it has been mentioned by @CondorcetInvestment in this thread, it also benefits the business of generating consistent commissions, and if we want to make good returns that normally means we must be exposed to a higher degree during the month (although I understand that perfect execution of a good strategy might mean less trading and higher returns).
I do agree though that any percentage of previous average exposure over 80% really is not a considerable change in trading according to one’s normal plan. Having Regularity between 80% and 95% can be due to many other factors that the trader is adjusting to in that time period.

Other than located to the right side of “Traders Equity” on the main page of the DARWIN, is there any other place where VaR is monitored, assessed, tracked in the console?

Funny eh?
Because now that is exactly what Darwinex has done. haha.
They are requiring a “minimum balance” to be eligible for maximum allocation in Darwinia.
And everyone knows that for DARWIN’s that do not yet have many investors, the prize we seek is a Darwinia allocation. So basically a way to get the lesser-known strategies/DARWIN providers to invest more exposure and capital.


Click on the RS metric.

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Dear @OutsideTheBoxHK,

I am very sorry for my poor explanations, after so many messages I failed to explain that everyone is eligible for Darwinia prizes, no matter their volume and balance. It could well be due to the fact that English is not my native language, apologies for that.

Since you are active in so many copy-trading services, you may be confusing Darwinia with Mt. Cook’s rules. They do indeed request you to have a min. 5k account and trade 100 lots a month to be eligible for investors’ capital. We don’t.

May I wish everyone a happy & safe trading!


The end result is the same.
There is no proven, verifiable significant boost or DIRECT CAUSAL relationship with the performance of a DARWIN or improvement of their trading behavior on account of

  1. a multiple of equity being required to earn the maximum allocation to manage for each of the 60 slots for winners in the monthly Darwinia challenge. EQUITY issue.

  2. or consistent Activity/Regularity being achieved each month. EXPOSURE Issue

if the goal is to have “skin in the game” and that this plays a significant role in how long and how well a Manager performs for investors then it could be explained in that way and leave out all this other talk about how More Equity and Regularity of 100% is going to make better traders…

I’ve read the threads on Darwinia and Activity/Regularity and their evolution, and it seems that traders would instead be put under more pressure to allocate more capital and to achieve the 100% Regularity by the end of the month. Thus encouraging them to take more than normal risk outside of their trade plan.

I try to keep thinking about how the big investment firm funds are run so that I can compare with best practices in the hedge fund / investment bank arena. The way I understand it, the manager does not have to trade with the same exposition each period as a part of the requirement. And he would only be required to have sufficient “skin in the game” once he actually has real investors, not before to attract potential investors.

Another way to do it would be to allow traders to trade the way their trade plans call for (Volume per month) and also to have the equity engaged that they like, and THEN after winning Darwinia or have Significant Assets under Management they could be called upon to have a certain percentage of the overall Funds under Management as their equity. And same with the Darwinia allocations. AFTER the allocations are offered/won. Then it would be wise to meet those requirements to be able to manage those Funds, whether they be Darwinia allocations or Investor Funds.

Again, I am sorry to see that our explanations have not helped to understand how our platform works.

You can achieve a 100% regularity with just 1 single 0.01 trade a month. Happy to jump on a call to explain how the algos and the platform works so we avoid misleading posts in the community.

Kindest regards,


This… unfortunately… is a completely inaccurate interpretation.

I encourage you to take @ignacio up on his offer of a call to explain (added plus: he is an amazingly polite and pleasant soul, so you’ll get on like a house on fire and resolve queries :thumbsup:)