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Rescale pre-IPO part of DARWIN candle charts

In my example, the line portion has data-points that represent 1 day each and the candlestick portion represents 1 week each…

My suggestion is to make the line portion match the time scale of the candlestick portion. Make each data point represent the same amount of time for the line portion as the candlestick portion (1 week).


Make the line portion compressed to 1/5th of the space.


Make 5 days of the line in to a different colored week candlestick (grey?) so we know the true high and low are not properly represented.


Do you know whether candlesticks start when the Darwin went public?

I assume suggestion 3 is not possible because candlestick data are not stored for the beginning.

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I assume they introduced candlesticks 1.5 months after SUG went public hence the line. The line takes up too much room on the chart though.

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Right, so we can make a new candle stick based on the closes of the days within the week. It will not be proper because the true highs and lows are not easily accessible (presume-ably). That’s why I say to change the color.

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I hope they don’t because that would be very misleading. But they should compress the line because it is less important than newer data and the Darwin was not public.

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Oops right. The line represents not public yet. :blush:

Anyhoo, yes please compress line to match the rest of the chart, it’s a bit of an eyesore.

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Thank you for your suggestion!

At the current time, DARWIN candle charts’ purpose is to serve as data for the use of conditional orders. It’s meant to be used to check whether a DARWIN’s quote hit a given level.

That said, your suggestion regarding the scale of the pre-IPO part of the chart, has been forwarded to the product team.