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Retrieving the account balance with DWX 0MQ Connecter

Hi everyone, is it possible to retrieve the account’s balance from MT4 using Darwinex’s Zero MQ connecter?
I looked everywhere and I coulnd’t find a function in the code or another way to do so.
Thank you.

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Hi @sambe,

Great to hear you’re using the dwx-zeromq-connector project :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a generic function in the MQL code called InformPullClient() that you can use to pass information from MetaTrader (server) to the calling application (client).

There isn’t a specific implementation of the function that passes the account balance back, but you can put in a request by creating an Issue at the following link:

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Thank you for your reply, I will definitely pull a request, great work you’ve done with the project, I really appreciate it.