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RGQ - ROSEGATE tech introduction

ROSEGATE tech is a company that focuses on market moves. We apply academic style research to financial markets and use our insights in actionable trading strategies. These strategies are put to test in our systematic trading fund here at Darwinex (ticker is RGQ).

Our fund is based on experience from academia (physics/mathematics) and high-tech industry. The academic approach helps to reduce the complexity of todays financial markets into low dimensional models. This prevent overfitting and allows to use a single model to multiple trading securities and timeframes. This fund runs on an in-house developped algorithmic trading system, supported by the architecture experience from high-tech industry.

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Welcome to Darwinex! @RoseGate
Wish you the best of luck with your Darwin.

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A pleasure to welcome you here @RoseGate! Looking forward to your evolution and regular updates. Let’s go RGQ!

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hi @RoseGate good work!, not recognized yet!

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I will give updates in this thread on a regular basis. First of all, I will give a bit of personal background.

I am 33 years old and live in the Netherlands. I studied MSc Applied Physics and eventually got a PhD in Fluid Dynamics at the University of Cambridge. After that, my girlfriend and I did some traveling through Tanzania (Kilimanjaro, Serengeti), Nepal (Everest Base Camp), Jordan (Dead Sea) and Australia (Great Barrier Reef). We decided to live in the Netherlands where I got a job offer at a high tech company. Seven years later I am still working in this company as an architect / system engineer. Both the academic experience at Cambridge and the architectural / system engineering approach learned at the high tech company have been key in the design of our trading system.

The trading system consists of 11 strategies: both breakout and mean reversion. All the strategies have been backtested over a period of >20 years, demo tested >1yr (2018-2019) and went successfully live in May 2019. The performance is monitored carefully: performance per strategy, performance per currency/commodity, slippage, …

Two significant updates have been executed over the last year:

  • november 2019: Improved risk management by limiting total VAR per currency / commodity. This limits upward potential, but more important, this also limits sudden big losses as seen during august 2019 period.
  • december 2019: Improved take profit strategy. By carefully following trades I got some inspiration of new take-profit strategies. I have backtested them (>20 years of data) and found them statistically significant.