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RII : migrated and live results

Now this one looks good BUT time from migration is just a few weeks and would like to have seen a link to myfxbook or some other verified account just to reassure on the history

The way around this could be to make small monthly investments, set the stop loss at 5% ( way outside the current value) and bail at the first sign of deviation from previous results…

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The umpteenth attempt to impress investors with a lucky and hindsight selected (and quite short) trackrecord.

If it were really investable we would see more than 500$ from the trader…

when you say umpteenth time where have you seen him/her before or do you mean yet another one?..agreed re the deposit but that applies to 90% of all darwins;)

I mean another one, there are thousands on cases like this one here and everywhere,
This is so short that maybe even discussing is a waste of time…:smile_cat:


…well hopfully not…it may help a few noobies;)

What I would like to see is some sort of authentication of the providers track record…anyone can uplift a falsfied MT4 track record and the dodgier the broker the more likely the record is fake - for example signal start list the broker name. I am much more convinced by regulated established global brokers. SCS were the classic example of how even lengthy perfect track records mean nothing:)

the trader has high win rate , slightly negative average win/loss total

usually with strategies like this, the inevitable bad run occurs. most traders cannot stomach this, because usually the drawdown happens faster than the grind upward and that is hard to take.

it is at this point you will see what the trader is made of. Hence you will see Cavaliere talk about robustness a lot.

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It is not false just lucky.

A “trader” has 100 accounts and shows only his luckiest.
Trackrecord farming, power of hindsight.

This was even better…

The only way to counter it is knowing the trader, or a very long public trackrecord.


If you invest it you are the noob :wink:
Of course also long trackrecords can be lucky but it is much more difficult.
Short lucky trackrecords are very common, every trader can run unlimited accounts.
I am 100% certain yor -5% stop will be hit, maybe after 1 month maybe after 3…


IF I invest it will be decision-based on the information to date using risks I am comfortable with. Sometimes taking a small risk is OK if the rewards look enticing enough;)


Doesn’t look quite so good now. Not criticism of the trader, but be careful of short track records, as stated earlier.

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ding ding ding. we have a winner


I was optimist, just 8 days :joy:

Here we have another, a Grail-migration every couple of weeks, for investors still in the dreaming phase…

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I wonder if Darwinex should mention the broker from which accounts were migrated.

Just saying.


That is not the point, if you run a farm with 20+ account you can produce lucky semesters quite easy.
Works with every broker including Darwinex.
Maybe the trackrecord was done with 200, than he deposited 2000 on the winner that is ready to impress the world.
It is not a matter of brokers, it is a matter of honesy of “traders”.


no investor is taking the bait so far

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The broker is only one indication for a track record which cannot be confirmed at Darwinex. If you don’t find his licence number on the internet it is very strange - or scam.
It could also be interesting to see whether the there come a lot of these migrations from the same broker.

Account farming is also an important point, but we will never be able to find it out as long as more accounts are not published.

A lot of Darwins ran into losses end of July, this one did not trade 3 days after migration and started in the tumultuous week end of July. Now he got the spot of a loosing month on his track record and obviously investors are very careful with it.

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Anyway, I’m quite curious :smile:

That was part of my thoughts :smile:

Guys you seem not to understand… :smiley:
The trackrecord is true and authentic… the point is how many other accounts are farmed by the same trader. This is just the luckiest that won the lottery and has been migrated.
It is not about being true but about being significant.

I suppose we could discuss it :slight_smile: … I perfectly understood your point.