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RII : migrated and live results

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There should NOT be any vetting of records by anyone, for the simple reason that it can never be proven to be 100% completely accurate. Darwinex can’t possibly know which records are true/accurate, same with me or @CavaliereVerde.

For this reason, I think the appropriate solution is to display a disclaimer during investing or viewing the darwin, that all trading record prior to migrating to Darwinex is unverifiable by Darwinex or the investor.

At this point, everybody investing or looking at these darwins have been told the risks and made aware Darwinex or anyone else cannot really confirm anything; and record is for “informational” purposes only.


My goal was to warn noobs from trackecord farmers.
Migrations are only part of the problem.
A guy running 20 accounts on Darwinex and showing only the luckiest that reach 50% is not so different fro a guy dooing the same on Tickmill o ICMarkerts and than migrating.

Honestly, I don´t think farming should be a problem. I don´t think it is dishonest at all. Why? I see it, like the entrepreuner who open a business and fail, then he tries another one and fail again, and after going to bankruptcy several times, he finally nail it!
So, instead calling it farming I call it tenacity.
However, I don´t think farming is profitable anyway…at least the ¨succesful¨ darwin is really successful.
And about Darwinex, once they have checked the veracity of the account, they could put every migrated account during a period of three months a VISIBLE TO PUBLIC quarantine highlighted symbol saying this is a migrated darwin and it is not investable darwin the first 3 months. So, everybody can follow and examine it during 3 months.
Other than that, I don´t know what else Darwinex could do…investors have all the info to check and it is their money.

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The point is the intention.
Nobody succeeds at the first attempt, persistence is the key to success.
It is a matter of goodwil vs badwill.

Trackrecord farmers are different, they know that they dont’ have an edge, and they know that running many accounts at the same time will produce something lucky and appealing for the crowd of noobs.
They are unable to beat the market but they take advantage of social trading sites.
They make money impressing investors for some months.
It is more easy with monthly subscriptions but can be done also with darwins and perfomance fees.
They just need the luck to resist for another quarter.

It is not about what Darwinex shoud do but what investors have to do before investing.

Well, I don´t see how farming could be profitable, after losing money on twenty accounts to risk everything on one. Because you still have to be profitable on that one for a while to have performance fees…
Anyway, nobody know the traders intention, the only thing to do is on Darwinex side, putting a visible, public and clear PIN on every migrated darwin, so nobody could say I didn´t know…

Oh, I am pretty sure investors do their job, but every one has different criteria…

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No, Darwinex should put a disclaimer after the trade button before the trade can be entered to show the potential investor the fresh migration as they do with divergence.
The reason is simple: There are trade buttons placed where you can directly buy without visiting the Darwin’s page as on widgets and for example DarwinIA.

Otherwise somebode - including you :slight_smile: - should give a reasonable answer why there are trade buttons …

I wouldn’t consider showing strategies as Darwins as an excluding criteria. There are users with 10 to 15 opened Darwins. In my eyes, it still is farming when they’re ran concurrently.
Many closed Darwins can be a different thing if they happened to exist in sequence (trader forming himself / evolving).
With too many Darwins, especially on low trader’s equity, most in the red, you feel that the man/team behind is lost. It doesn’t feel as convincing as the highest AuM users displaying 1 or few Darwins tied to 1 public username (very few admitted being behind multiple users).

No perf fees for the 1st quarter post-migration ? :stuck_out_tongue: An invitation to join Dwx from outside feels like a wild card in sports, where it may lead to an extra qualification phase.

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All waiting for the lottery ticket of DarwinIA to win a prize :joy:

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Thank you all. We will try to do everything well and let time prove it slowly.:handshake:BZC will be better and better in the future and will not disappoint everyone. :handshake:

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Why don’t you close BUJ if you can’t use it anymore (traders equity is zero)?

And it is better if you change to in the link of your BZC, chinese is hard to read for most people in an english community.


Thank you for your heartfelt suggestions.We have revised it as you suggested.

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now we will get a better idea of the trader after drawdown.

Darwinex transparency is unforgiving.

Darwinex is a “trade educators” worst nightmare lol


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Can invest in BZC,
We have said that in the world of trading, time is the best proof. we have top-level strategies and technical systems.

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