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Risk Measurement at Darwinex - English Tutorial Series

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Firstly, a BIG thank you to everyone in the Community for all the feedback, comments and suggestions you’ve shared with us over time as regards content, tutorials, podcasts and blog posts - much appreciated! :pray:

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes these past few months, to create high quality content in video, audio and text formats, to serve both Spanish and English-speaking audiences.

Darwinex is a universe on its own in terms of technology and trading terminology, resources for which have been produced via content on and via Webinars and Podcasts conducted regularly by members of our team.

To complement those efforts, @javicolonbo and @integracore2 have been working together recently on several video tutorials to really bring out the WHY and HOW of Darwinex concepts, technology, terminology, metrics, algorithms, the risk manager and more - for the benefit of all Darwinex users.

The first of these series (in English) focuses on concepts centered around Risk Measurement, and was initially launched on the Darwinex YouTube Channel in Spanish (link to ES playlist).

Here are the first 6 videos of this series:

NOTE: Each video assumes that the viewer has watched the videos before it… it is therefore strongly advised that you watch each video in the order presented below and/or in the YouTube playlist… thank you!

1) Money Management & The Risk of a Trading Strategy

2) Measuring the Risk of a Trading Strategy

3) Measuring the Risk of a Trading Decision (D-Leverage)

4) Calculating the Risk (D-Leverage) of a Position

5) How Value-at-Risk (VaR) is calculated at Darwinex - Part I

6) How Value-at-Risk (VaR) is calculated at Darwinex - Part II

The next few tutorials in this series will detail:

  1. Exactly how Value-at-Risk is calculated at Darwinex,

  2. The relationship between VaR and the Volatility of Trading Strategy Returns

  3. The distribution of Strategy Returns as a function of Value-at-Risk.

… following on from which we’ll be shooting a whole new video series dedicated to the INs and OUTs of the Darwinex Risk Manager :muscle:

We aim to produce these tutorials on a regular basis, and would greatly appreciate any and all feedback you may have for us along the way.

Enjoy the content & have a great weekend ahead! :pray:

Ali Saif


Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve added two new tutorials to the original post above, where we describe and demonstrate how we calculate the Value-at-Risk of a trading strategy at Darwinex.

These two tutorials should hopefully shed light on this popular subject in the Darwinex Community - we’ve gone into it in a great level of detail :muscle:

Enjoy the content & have a great day ahead!