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RSP - Ivan Rendulic - Fully Automated System

Hi everyone.

Before I say something about my self I want to thank you for taking the time off to even read this thread.

I have constructed it as introduction to me (About me and my development as trader…) , my darwins and trading strategies (Information about the trading system I currently use and the RSP Darwin) and my plans moving forward. (Whats next?)

Before we move on, I’d like to thank each and every one of my investors and everyone who is considering and will become one for showing trust and investing with me.

I really do appreciate you.

I would also like to thank great people and team behind Darwinex who created this great platform for connecting traders and investors in such a transparent way.

I am glad that I can be part of it.

I believe that behind every successful relationship lays full transparency and I feel obligated to write something about myself my trading strategies.

About me and my development as trader…
My name is Ivan. I am 30 year guy from Europe. Since I was in my early 20s I was interested in financial markets.

It took me a while to get a grasp of it. When I discovered trading I was amazed with all of this online gurus making millions of dollars, living in villas, driving fast cars etc.

Naturally my first approach to financial markets was effected with “get rich quick” mindset.

Needless to say, that approach got me losing ton of money and getting scammed by many “signal services” “lambo fx” coaching programs, fake copier service etc etc…

However I never quit and eventually I realised that trading is all about having an edge over the market and constantly exploiting this edge.

I also realised what trading strategy and system actually is and that trading requires systematic and disciplined approach to it.

Since that realisation, everything changed. I have developed many trading strategies and systems. Some of them are automated and presented below.

Some of them are still discretionary and can not be automated just yet.

The way how I see my trading now is polar difference than how I imagined it when I was first starting out.

At the beginning I was thinking that Ill be making money left and right, clicking mouse buttons 8 hours a day and be constantly active trader.

With experience I realised that every profitable strategy has its losers and its winners and that you can make same or even bigger returns with longer term trading.

That is when I made a decision to automate everything that I can from my day-trading strategies and only manually engage in long-term trading strategies.

That is how my Darwin was born.

Currently I run just 1 Darwin RSP Darwin.
By the end of this year my plan is to add 1-2 more darwins to my portfolio to offer diversification and smoother equity curve for potential investors.

Information about the trading system I currently use and the RSP Darwin.
RSP Darwin is fully autoamted algorithmic trading strategy based on price action movement in both directions on GBP/USD with price adjusted risk and advanced money management. Strategy is designed to catch bigger trending moves and yield as much as possible from it. Average Win % should be around 53% with yearly return off around 30%, RR of at least 1:1 and max. drawdown around 10-15%.

The first 4 months. (November 2019 - December 2020)
I think it is important to address the first 3-4 months (from November 2019 - February 2020) trading activity of RSP Darwin here on Darwinex as that was the time when the RSP Darwin was going wild.

At the time, I was brand new to Darwinex and was just testing one of my algorithms to see its performance.

That was different algorithm trading the account and after I’ve seen it is not stable enough I have decided to shut it down and offer my investors the smoother, less volatile return environment explained above.

Whats next ?
Hopefully I can continue to provide performance that corresponds the trust given to me. I am constantly working to improve the strategy. I work on myself, analyse past entries and possible mistakes, trying to grow as a trader. I’l do my best to preserve your and my funds and, if possible, increase them. Currently, asset management, and algo development is my main goal.

Thanks again to everyone for your time. Successful investments!

Kind Regards,


Hi Ivan, nice to see you here :slight_smile:

Great intro and great Darwin, I’ll be following!

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Hi Federico, thanks for kind words !

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