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Saving a filter leads to error page

Since a few days saving a filter leads to the error page 404 - page not found.
The same happens if you reload the filter or try to click on the link of it.

Please fix ASAP.
There must have been an errornous update last week. I never had a problem with it before.

I always decline the google spy functions - I assume that does also not work there correctly because sometimes the page stays blocked up to 20 seconds so that I cannot change the sort.

You have the error but the change is saved.

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Yes, but you don’t see a result. you have to go to platform -> filters -> select the filter and do the sort again.

After selecting the filter it takes up to 20 seconds until you can change the sort.

The platform is not very user friendly as it mostly does not know where you have been but this bug should be removed as it did not appear 2 weeks ago.